15+ Best HTML5 Canvas Games That Will Keep You Busy Whole Day

HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the core markup language of the World Wide Web. HTML5 is the proposed next standard for HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and DOM Level 2 HTML. It aims to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based rich internet application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun JavaFX.

The canvas element is part of HTML5 and allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. It is a low-level, procedural model that updates a bitmap and does not have an inbuilt scene graph.

Some anticipated uses of the canvas include building graphs, animations, games, and image composition. Today we are presenting Most Popular Games that you can play with the help of HTML5 Canvas on your browser. Of-course you will require some modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome & Safari.


Your mission in this Tower Defense type of game is to eliminate waves of slimy critters


Make lines with falling blocks!


Maneuver a spaceship by rotating and thrusting, as it flies over a landscape and along corridors


A gesture-enabled physics game based in an Etcha Sketch.


Gartic is a web-based drawing game.


An (addictive) canvas game with balls

7. Coverfire

Classic Arcade Action

8.Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction (addictive)

9.Spectrum Emulator

10.JS Wars

Your mission: Find and destroy Dr. Skull!

11.Berts Breakdown

Bert is on the search for coins. Can you help him out?


Destroy the rocks before they destroy you!


RayCaster is a retro 3D game

14.Slide puzzle

For fun and recreation

15.A first person shooter

A first person shooter

16.A torus style game

A torus style game

17.Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart – Mario with Car



Let us know if you have come across any other game which you reckon can come into the best list. We will surely add it in our kit.