Best Guide to Workers Rights Overseas

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Whether you are working abroad for a short time or have moved indefinitely, understanding your employees’ rights is critical. In Hong Kong, as in most places, businesses are expected to provide various benefits for the security and safety of their workers. One of the most important benefits is workers compensation. In this guide we will be providing you with the first steps to set up workers compensation, so your employees and business are secure.

Legal Codes

Any business you run has safety requirements. Regardless of the work you do, whether obvious dangers such as construction or medical facilities or less obvious professions such as marketing and sales floors, everyone needs to provide a safe and stable work environment.

In this litigious age, even a small mishap can incur devastating losses, such as lengthy court case and financial loss. Each country has different requirements for their employees, so the first step you will need to take is understanding Hong Kongs employee rights and legal codes.


This is typically the most pertinent question when you sign up for Employees Compensation Insurance. Put simply, your policy should cover the following incidents if they take place at work:

  • Accidents
  • Injury
  • Illness

Depending on the size of your staff the policy may need to be up to HK$200 million for Employees Compensation Insurance. The reason for this is that each employee must be generously covered so your company stays protected. Consider this: Let’s say you run a restaurant and you have a staff of 50 people working in your establishment. In an event such as a water leak that causes multiple accidents, not being covered or having limited coverage could cost you millions!

This insurance is required for ALL workers, which includes seasonal and part-time help. A part-time childcare provider or cleaning crew, for example, will also need to required according to Hong Kong Law.

How to Set Up Your Insurance Coverage

Unless you fall under the “high-risk” category, you can set up your Employees Compensation Insurance easily with a trusted insurance broker. For Hong Kong, be sure that the policyholder has expertise in your specific niche or industry and understands how much coverage you require.

As mentioned, this type of insurance is not only for traditional employers but also for people who employ a range of caretakers as well. Companies like Trusted Union, specialise in employment compensation insurance and can walk you through each element.

In the event that you cannot set up your employers compensation regularly, there are laws in place to allow your business to access something called the Employees’ Compensation Insurance Residual Scheme Bureau.

Take Away

Not only is employee’s compensation insurance it is a legal requirement. Companies that fail to attain coverage for all their employees will and can be fined heavily. Other penalties may also ensure. If you are working in Hong Kong or are employing even one part-time or seasonal worker, you are liable should any accident, injury, or illness take place at work. Be sure to call experts to get the best and most comprehensive insurance policy, such as Trusted Union.