Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone/iPad: An Incredible Facility

Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone:iPad

A fax service doesn’t mean they have to go on using fax machines and phone lines. That’s where fax apps for iPhones come in. There are free fax apps for iPhone that allow you to send faxes to recipients across the globe. 

Apps have differences in features, the number of faxes you can send out, whether they charge for international sending, etc. 

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1. CocoFax

  • Most popular iPhone fax apps in the market
  • An ideal choice for businesses
  • Best for those who don’t to send out a large number of faxes every month.
  • Suitable for those who require international coverage.
  • Send out up to 1000 faxes a month with no additional charges for international faxes
  • It comes with a 30-day trial period
  • The most expensive app for sending faxes
  • The app is highly efficient It allows managing every aspect of fax service
  • Send faxes through it by attaching documents from the icloud or the iPhone memory
  • Receive notifications every time you get a fax
  • Manage all information and faxes in the inbox or forward them to recipients
  • Even add digital signatures to documents
  • Website:

2. RingCentral

  • Most affordable online fax services available.
  • It gives the option of sending 500, 1000, or even unlimited faxes a month without additional charges.
  • Not ideal for international sending
  • Send faxes internationallyPay an additional 5 cents to $1 per fax.
  • Quite expensive in the long run.
  • Extremely simple to use Send multiple faxes with it.
  • The ability to manage contacts and add them efficiently
  • Integrate your iPhone app with google drive or dropbox Quickly find documents and attach them to faxes.Website:


  • New kid on the block
  • Already amassed an excellent reputation Best free fax apps for iPhone users
  • It packs a lot of features, and its operation is relatively easy
  • Syncs perfectly with leading applications like Gmail and google docs
  • No need to switch apps to send fax from iPhone
  • Has features such as electronic signature, delivery scheduling, one-click optimization
  • Save on getting a fax machine or subscribing to multiple services to message people worldwide
  • Allows to send messages to 180 countries Lets you buy a fax number from 50 different countries
  • Use your existing fax number
  • Store all your fax data on any of the secured 20 regions. 
  • Access to sending fax messages
  • Pay for a subscription plan to access the more powerful features.
  • Send 3000 pages with the enterprise plan.
  • Privacy is safe from prying eyes.
  • Website:

4. MyFax

  • Offers both an international and a toll-free number Send out faxes internationally without a surcharge.
  • Send a lot of faxes across the globe.
  • A lot cheaper as an alternative
  • It doesn’t come with some of the vital features available in cocofax
  • Not able to attach brand logos and digital signatures
  • 30-day trial period Get the ability to send & receive 400 faxes a month for just $10 a month.
  • Beyond the 400 fax limit, spend an additional $0.10 per fax sent.
  • The app is free to download It comes with the complete suite of features to manage faxes, send, or receive them.
  • Attach documents to the fax from iCloud, GoogleDrive, or any other app as well.
  • Straightforward user interface Wide range of compatibility in terms of file types
  • Support the significant types such as PDF and TIFF supports less-popular formats like a cad, Quattro pro, etc 

5. MetroFax

  • Extremely efficient online fax service Capable of handling all incoming and outgoing fax requirements
  • Ideal for small businesses or large businesses
  • More flexible and has price packages
  • The 30-day trial period after that $7.95 per month
  • Capable of sending out 500 faxes
  • Highly efficient Use it to send and receive faxes, notifications, manage contacts, and add documents as attachments.
  • Best iPhone fax apps and highly recommended

6. iFax

  • It comes with the broadest range of features
  • The app is accessible in 17 countries across the world
  • Sending faxes between those countries doesn’t incur an additional charge
  • The app is quite intuitive
  • Only avail of the free trial for seven days The app does give you the ability to scan documents  It supports all the popular file formats
  • The forms can be downloaded and attached from iCloud, GoogleDrive, or other apps.
  • Provides a series of templates for your faxCan modify templates according to your liking
  • Easily add your company logo or sign off with a digital signature.


CocoFax is ideal for businesses that don’t need to send out too many faxes a month but require international coverage. RingCentral is perfect for you if you need a wide domestic range but not global coverage. MyFax is ideal for people who need to send out a vast number of faxes internationally. As such, making a decision about which service to use can be confusing.

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