Best free CDN services for WordPress – Helpful tips from INXY.Hosting

Blogging has evolved in a major way since its inception, from an innocent hobby that people would take up to either fill their schedule with something or get things off their chests, to full-grown business opportunities that can generate huge revenue on a constant basis. If you want to get into blogging, no matter which category you would fall into, you have to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to secure the high quality of your blog.

Unfortunately for some that arenít as proficient with computers or the online medium, we live in a day and age where speed is everything. People want everything delivered to them instantly so having a WordPress website that isnít able to load quickly and please its viewers in due time is pretty much the equivalent of blogging suicide.

There quite a few ways in which you can optimize your WordPress website so that it runs smoothly and it loads as quickly as possible. However, if you overlook CDN solutions in this regard you will find that nothing else you do will be very fulfilling as far as making the website load fast.


Here are some of the most appreciated and recognized CDN solutions that you can implement for your own WordPress effort.


CloudFLare is recognized among those that use CDN as one of the best solutions, if not the very best. One of the qualities that recommend this service is the fact that itís free. The other one is the fact that it has servers pretty much everywhere on the planet so thereís no risk of having to connect to a far away server and lose a lot of the quality the serve could provide.

CloudFlare users can get up to 60% bandwidth salvage according to statistics and the number of requests received by the website drops by a whopping 65%. And all they have to do after creating an account is add the URL of your website to their system and get your free nameservers to which you will have to point your websiteís domain.


Another great CDN solution is Photon. As it is developed by Jetpack, bloggers might take a special interest in this one since the Jetpack plugin is also very popular among bloggers. This feature truly shines when a lot of images are present because thatís what Photon was designed to do best.

And of course, most people are familiar with the frustration that comes with not having images load quickly enough when visiting websites. Taking the precautions to make sure this doesnít happen to your blog or website visitors will go a long way.


There are other more established services, sure, but that doesnít mean that SwamCDN which is a newer service isnít capable of doing a great job. And the fact that is offering no less than 250 GB as part of its free transfer, free plan, only makes things better and more appealing.

These are some of the best solutions out there when it comes to CDN but if youíre looking for more of a long term solution you can try a rather cheap CDN alternative.


Another great CDN solution available,† inxy.hosting is capable of procuring some of the best prices for the various offers they got going on for their pretty varied catalogue. Checking out https://inxy.hosting/cdn/ can nab you an efficient CDN service that allows you to continue your work without getting bogged down in loading speed issues.