Best Free Alternatives to Netflix: Hands on With The Best

Bored out of your mind but low on budget, are you? Have access to the entire gamut of online streaming services but are unable to stream from Netflix, as it costs a pretty penny? Missed that elusive last episode of Game of Thrones but demur from using ‘illegal’ Torrent services? There are certain free streaming apps which you can use and which can help you overcome that fabled Monday blues. We list our top 5 picks below.

Best Free Alternatives to Netflix

Of course, there is a ton of apps which you can use. That said, not all of them are that good and the content hosted is limited, where the fan of multiple genres will be disappointed. Here are our top picks.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of those fundamentally great apps which has a lot of assorted content while being light in nature. In collaboration with such studios like Paramount Studios, MGM, and Paramount Pictures, this app also comes out with curated content every week in the form of news letters. The service is absolutely free, with only the advertisements being the source of revenue. What we liked the best is the variety of genres on offer: everything from documentaries to movies and beyond is offered. Besides, Tubi TV will also let you watch movies on demand.

PS: Did we mention there is some content from Starz Digital as well?

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is essentially a Torrenting service. That means that the speed of delivery is better. There is no waiting and there is no bar on what the users can download. Or how much for that matter. The best quality of every movie is available, including those whose Criterion Collection DVDs are still on sale. For that matter, Popcorn Time is probably the most broad-based and will support installation on such differing platforms like Mac OS, Linux, Windows OS, and Android. (Obviously)


Crackle is Sony’s free, ad-supported streaming site which boasts of supporting content “free-uncut and unedited.” This, besides the fact that it has the backing of the Japanese giant, makes it a formidable opponent of Netflix. Crackle was the first to offer the free-to-air delivery of the Days of Our Lives series, which still retains its fan base. When Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee moved to Crackle, it won a whole host of new followers. If you want to watch the old classics like All in the Family, this is where you must navigate to.

Also available on various devices, including Vizio smart TVs.


Showbox is one of our most favorite apps. It has perhaps the easiest of user interfaces, which is a boon. With one click, you can decide which video, and in which resolution, you should download or stream. It also has a very sensible offline mode, for those occasions where your mobile data pack runs out. This application will work on almost all platforms there is. You can download ShowBox Apk Latest Version from here.

Pluto TV

Relatively unknown but much better than many comparable applications, Pluto TV ordinarily works like a  normal TV, meaning that there are various channels and you can surf along as you like. With content pouring in from some 75 content partners, you are privy to exclusive channels for news, sports, and movies. We found the TV series and cartoons sections to be especially enriching. The one major difference between Pluto TV and Netflix is that it is not an on-demand service. Which means that if you are lucky, you just might catch a movie which you had long forgotten about.


While it is true that all of these applications are excellent, it is also true that every users has different tastes. This leaves us with one important suggestion, and since we are in the field of entertainment, to choose a famous line from Indian Jones and The Last Crusade, “Choose wisely.”