Top 4 Best Flash Games

Bored in the afternoon after lunch? What do you do at that time? I guess most of us will just be browsing the internet on our smartphones or doing an addictive activity, like mobile gaming. In case you donít have any game on your phone but have a decent internet connection, you can play many small interactive games which run on your browser.

These flash games can be great entertainers and time pass at odd, boring hours of the day. They donít require dedicated, high-end graphic card or CPU to run. All you will require is a flash supporting browser, and you can start playing. Mentioned below is a list of top 4 best flash games that run on browsers.


With over 300,000 users playing this game, it is among the most popular games available on the internet in recent times. This game is quite simple and very addictive. In this game, you are controlling a cell which moves with your mouse. By moving this cell, you have to eat other cells to become bigger in size, but if a cell with bigger size than yours comes nearby you and gets into contact, it will eat you, and the game ends. To play this game, you can sign in with Facebook ID and also play with your friends too.

Available on Android and iOS platforms.

2. Canabalt


Canabalt is an endless running adventure that is way more addictive than Subway Surfer and Temple Run. This game doesnít have detailed graphics with different colors. It is a black and white game which has only one objective: run. In this game, you have to run and keep jumping across rooftops as everything in the game is falling down. You may have to jump over obstacles or break glass windows. One slight mistake and mistimed step can cost you your life in the game. This game can be played in two-player mode. That means you can enjoy this game with your friend.

Available on Android, iOS, and Steam.

3. Snake


Remember old Nokia phone and Snake game? Well, this is an all-time favorite game in the world. The game is quite simple as you play as a snake and you have to keep eating tiny dots to increase your size, but you have to avoid eating yourself. According to gamersí type, you have three modes: Slug, Python, and Worm. While Slug is the slowest mode, Worm is average speed mode and Python being the fastest which is perfect for experienced players.

4. 2048


This game is among the games that went viral on different mobile platforms. Here, you have to deal with tile-sliding puzzles with one simple objective. You need to combine tiles with the same number to create a single tile which is the sum of both the numbers. Then you need to create a tile with number 2048 to win this game. Seems easy? Well, itís not. In this game, you have to move the tiles in one single direction and keep trying to match and add as many tiles as possible with each single movement.

Available on: Android, iOS, & Windows platforms.

Well, here are the top 4 flash games you can play. If you have any other game that should be included this list, just mention it in the comments section.