Best Emoji Meaning of 2018

Emoji Meaning

Donít you wish to express your feeling through more than words? We often look for ways to express our emotions and thanks to emojis we can easily add a particular sense of depth to our daily two-dimensional conversations. Along with adding meaning to our daily words, an emoji can easily replace any of our short messages especially when we struggle to remember acronyms while we try to appear cool which we think should be more expressive. But with the introduction of emoji, the people have adopted these individual designs to perfectly express their innermost thoughts by finding the correct expression, and it is important to understand emoji meaning. However, it can be quite an exhaustive task. But, you donít have to scratch your head as well help you in finding the right emoji in order to express your love for your crush, the lethargy of the start of the week, disagreement during any fight with our friends or even joy of seeing an appealing meme. We have Unicode standards which define over 2800 emojis, but here we will describe you some of the best emojis along with emoji meaning. So, here is the list of emoji meaning that we actually think can help you in mastering the entire art of instant messaging.

Face Emoji Meanings

  1. Happy

A smile with its mouth wide open along with fuller cheeks, it is the best emoji to describe the happiness.

  1. Cheerful

When you have too much joy in order to contain, then it requires to be spread, and this particular emoji can express it vividly.

  1. Laughing with Tears

It is best for describing the moments of uncontrollable smile and laughter which actually hurt your stomach and also make tears well up in the eyes.

  1. Rolling on the Floor Laughing

A great one-liner or even a prank can be enough to hit your mind with laughter, and you lose your balance as well as float in euphoria, and this particular emoji easily symbolizes it.

  1. Smiling with Wide Eyes

When it comes to accepting as well as grateful, this particular emoji perfectly describe the feeling of living in the best of your times.

  1. Wide Grin

Watching a person bitten by a dog, or flipping on a banana peel or even a friend actually making a great joke can make it hard to resist the laugh. This is the emoji meaning of Wide Grin.

  1. Laugh with Sweat

Laughing too hard can make you sweat, and this particular emoji describes your condition the best. It can also be used to show awkward chuckle.

  1. Laughing with Eyes Closed

It is best used for showing emotion when it comes to dark humour so that it doesnít offend your friend. You can easily use this emoji in order to show comfort of laughing out loud at something which is highly sensitive.

  1. Winking Eyes

This emoji is perfect for showing your emotions for cheesy pickup lines that is aimed at your crush but donít actually embarrass yourself by sending this emoji to a stranger.

  1. Content Face

Watching a cat roll on the ground can make you ecstatic, and this emoji shows happiness when you donít wish anything more from your life.

  1. Enjoying Delicious Food

Before you eat a favourite dish, you can upload stories on Instagram using this smiley face. You can even use it as a final touch after particular innocent mischief or even an intended mistake.

  1. Cool

Great smartass comments, as well as thug-life moments, can easily be expressed by this emoji along with a fair share of narcissism.

  1. Heart Eyes

You can stop falling in love with a beautiful landscape or a pretty smile. You should definitely utilize this emoji.

  1. Blowing a kiss

Use this emoji to show your gratitude and admiration for the people you actually lean on. The entire cuteness of this particular emoji allows you to subtle wink pass without actually causing any sort of trouble.

  1. Kissing Face

This particularly versatile emoji can easily be used to prompt a kiss, pull off an innocent put or even whistle. This is the emoji meaning of this emoji, and you can use this emoji with a music note in order to show your real emotions behind a faÁade of whistling.

  1. Kissing with Smiley Eyes

While you can easily utilize this emoji for the purpose of a peck on the cheek, you can also pair it easily with gushing air in order to depict a great sign of relief.

  1. Kiss of love

If you are intimate with someone, then you can use this emoji without any hesitation for different types of well-wishing messages.

  1. Blush

Never let any compliment sink in quite easily and express it a great spark of delight. Show that you are blushing after seeing a picture or a loving text.


  1. Screw You

It is a great emoji to show screw you smile instead of a compassionate one, and it helps in making the sarcasm much slicker.

  1. Hugging face

While this particular emoji can be easily confused with famous Neil deGrasse reaction meme, it can actually convince that you are inviting someone with wide open arms.

  1. Starry Eyes

You can utilize this emoji to compliment any loved one or show amazement for their appealing figure.

  1. Intrigued

If you are lost in a particular deep though or even pretending then this emoji nicely depicts the emotion. You can also add a thought cloud or a light bulb in order to make your conversation even more interesting.

  1. Suspicious

It is best used for showing doubt, skepticism, and distrust over something that raises your eyebrows. You can also use it like you are feeling the way The Rock express his disbelief.

  1. Poker Face

If you are feeling lame over a stupid mistake, then you should use this emoji. This emoji meaning can help you understand what this emoji actually stands for.

  1. Loathing

It fits best when you are feeling down, disgusted or donít have any words to show your irritation.

  1. Awkwardness

Just use this particular emoji when you have surprising reaction especially when you arenít prepared to have a conversation to turn awkward instantly.

27.Rolling Eyes

Simply boredom or disapproval, then donít let this negative emotion to actually spoil a good conversation. Throw this emoji that keep you away from dying.

  1. Smirk

Donít want yourself getting exposed then use this emoji instead. It is best for boasting about any particular mischief.

  1. Tortured

It rightly shows torment and distress and can be easily utilized to describe anything that you are persevering for without giving in.

  1. Distressed

Life can be a bummer sometimes. However, it isnít the end of the world. Use this emoji in order to brush your troubles off your shoulder.

  1. Astonishment

If you are stunned by any action or even an event, and canít stop feeling wow. This is the best emoji to show your astonishment and make your entire amazement feeling appear more welcoming.

  1. Zip It

This particular emoji is best for teasing a friend into any gossip that you have promised that you wouldnít tell to anyone. You can also use this emoji to make a promise.

  1. Realization

It is a less intense form of astonished emoji and can be utilized to express a feeling of acceptance along with a little surprise. It looks like a face that people make when they actually screw up without causing any harm.

  1. Drowsiness

It can be quite easy to confuse with a snot bubble along with tears. However, this emoji is utilised in anime or mange in order to depict moments of sleepiness and exhaustion instead of sorrow.

  1. Fatigue

If you are too tired or your brain is too much burned out, you can easily calm your own nerves by sharing your own feeling with your friends with this emoji.

  1. Sleeping Peacefully

It is a great habit not to keep any person waiting for a text in the night especially when you are going to sleep. Use this emoji to show that you are ready to stop the conversation or too tired to even say good night.

  1. Bliss

This particular expression describes a calmness feeling like Zen-state where you are feeling great but not overwhelmed with any happiness.

  1. Teasing

Making any cheeky comment might not be actually taken well by everyone, and hence you should use this particular emoji to show that you are just kidding or only taking a jab at your friends.

  1. Loony

Adding a particular wink to the last emoji can easily make it appear a bit wacky, and you can use it when you wish to sound outrageous or even bizarrely funny.

  1. Tongue-Out Laugh

The entire weight of bad humour is something that you can show with this emoji. It can easily be perceived differently by a different person, so you use it to complement gross or poor jokes.

  1. Drooling

In case good food is what you really like then this emoji perfectly relate to your expression. It represents the feeling of the delight of anything desirable so use this with all of your heart.

  1. Unimpressed

This emoji is best for reacting to anything which isnít pleasant, or you actually resent. It can easily be used if you are feeling meh.

  1. Depressed

Mood-swings, as well as moments when you are actually feeling discouraged, are best described with this particular emoji. So, ensure that you use it in order to get closer to a person who can cheer you up.

  1. Sad


It is an accurate description of someoneís feeling of guilt and sadness. You can show your emotion of feeling bad after doing any mistake.

  1. Confused

Use this particular emoji in order to show that you are puzzled with something and displeased with the feeling of uncertainty.

  1. Smiling Upside-Down

This upside-down version of a smiling expression which is controlled makes sarcasm much more bitter and a little difficult to perceive in a few situations. It can easily be used with a particular fantasy you know wonít ever come true.

  1. Money

For things bought with money or flaunting your huge amount of money, you can easily use this emoji.

  1. Awestruck

It is more intense than the astonishment emoji and goes well for a particular situation which makes your jaw actually drop to the floor. It can be utilized for times of unpleasantness or bewildering surprises or utter shock that you feel.

  1. Frowning

If you are too disappointed with any situation, feeling unsatisfied and even grieved simultaneously, you can share your thoughts through this emoji which can provide you with a sense of relief.

  1. Uneasy

Displeased and downcast but donít wish to strain your facial muscles then use this emoji unless you demand attention explicitly.

  1. Aching

If you have given up on someone and about to break down, then you donít have to worry and use this emoji to show your innermost emotion.

  1. Misery

Feeling sorrowful then this emoji can easily express the feeling that your entire world is crashing down. It canít be enough to show pensive emotions that can describe this feeling fully, but you can easily use this emoji whenever you are feeling hopeless as well a bogged down by the events happening around you.

  1. Worried


This particular emoji can easily communicate your emotions when you canít actually stop overthinking about something that went wrong and when you are busy imagining the worst-case scenario.

  1. Furious

It is recommended not to speak much especially when you are angry else you might end up uttering words that you donít want to say. But you can use this emoji to show your anger and easily slide this one whenever you are feeling infuriated in order to keep it together.

  1. Crying

If you are feeling hurt or helpless, then use this emoji to show your emotions to people who actually care about you.

  1. Crying Out Loud

If you arenít able to stop sadness coming out of your eyes, then use this emoji rather than giving yourself a false belief.

  1. Alarmed

If you are startled by something which is both unsettling and unexpected, then use this emoji to help you to cool down a bit.

  1. Shocked

If you are stunned too much that you feel that your eyebrows are growing then use this emoji to get a bit of more attention.

  1. Frightened

If you are afraid of something like getting hit by a truck, then use this emoji as the last image on Instagram to die like a hero. It is the expression when you are actually about to get hit in the face, both metaphorically and literally so use it in the right fashion.

  1. Demoralized

If you are a drama queen, then you can use this emoji especially when you canít control things around you and wish others to actually understand what exactly is crippling you.


  1. Mind-Blown

If you read something which as taken you to a separate reality, then use this emoji to quiet down uncontrollable stream of thought process. The emoji meaning of this expression is quite clear.

  1. Curios/Nervous

If you arenít sure that you have understood the message that you have received, then this emoji can easily be used with messages in order to lessen the entire impact of thoughts that you are uncertain or nervous about especially when you make a mistake.

  1. Anxious

If you are feeling blue over something unexpected then donít allow your thoughts to pull you down and simply use this emoji to show your panic but donít use it compulsively or you will be facing another issue that make you anxious again.

  1. Horrified

If you are horrified with a sight of something like a ghost or horrifying picture, then donít forget to use this emoji to any place you have uploaded a picture. It is more likely to convince people about the instance.

  1. Embarrassment

If you are caught stalking by a crush or red-handed in doing a mischief then slide down this emoji and hope that the person concerned will understand. It can also be utilized to depict sour surprise or shame.

  1. Crazy

If you are imbalanced and excited and your face isnít apt enough to show that you are on cloud nine and donít have anything to worry about then use this emoji.

  1. Dizzy

If you are too much intoxicated by alcohol or just had a baffling ride on a roller-coaster then use this emoji to show your sense of complete disconnection with the world.

  1. Miffed

We all have certain moments when we are brimming with constant anger and canít seem to actually care about what others are feeling when you can use this emoji to express the agitation within.

  1. Grumpy

In case you canít stop feeling that every person around you is completely stupid then this emoji might be the best one in your venting process. The emoji meaning is quite simple to understand.

  1. Swearing

You can canít control your outburst and wish to do it then use this emoji to show your inherent frustration.

  1. Sick/Unhealthy

Isolation that is resulted due to sickness can be quite difficult to handle and you should try to gather some wishes as well as prayers of your friends. So, use this emoji to tell your friends about how you feel.

  1. Feverish

If temperature is pulling down your energy and you donít want it to pull down your own spirit then use this emoji to tell your friends about your discomfort or even raise awareness.

  1. Injured

Apart from getting traumatized, accidents can easily make you withdraw from society and make you rest peacefully. Sometimes, you might wish that people should notice about it so use this emoji to show that you have been in an accident.

  1. Nauseated

Hiccups during a ride or flight, bad weather or food can cause nausea. You can use this emoji to express this feeling about the things that make you puke.

  1. Vomiting

In case you canít control and wish to let it out, then this emoji can easily describe your state of mind similar to puking in physical or metaphorical sense. You can easily use it to show anything intensely disgusting or gross. The emoji meaning of this emoji is very simple to understand.

  1. Sneezing

With flu season always looming around, and if you are marred with a sore throat along with burdened eyes that donít allow you to type, then you can use this emoji.

  1. Angel

If you are looking for appreciation for some of the good work, then share your angelic fables with the assistance of this emoji.

  1. Cowboy with Hat

We all need a purdy emoji which clearly shows a hog-killing time in the Wild Wild West, and this emoji is the best suited for it. It can be used for gloating along with a music note which can be quite teasing.

  1. Clown Face

Trying to keep it simple as well as light, then use this emoji even you are feeling mischievous.

  1. Liar

If you have been caught red-handed while lying and feels like Pinocchio then use it. However, donít use it in order to confront your loved ones or things may actually get wild.

  1. Shushing Face

This emoji is best suited to ask anybody to remain quite or even ask them not to disturb you. You might even find it works well with the Facebook friend who is consistent with posting random stuff.

  1. Hand Over Mouth

While its standard version shows the moments when you are actually regretting of saying something which you shouldnít have, this emoji is quite jolly, and it appears like that someone is actually trying to laugh.

  1. Face With Monocle

If you feel like honoured sire or an expert in any particular subject, then you can easily use this emoji in order to show disapproval as a snob.

  1. Nerd Face

Unlike the previous one, you can easily use this emoji in order to show your inherent nerdy obsession with knowledge of science, movie or TV series, or devotion to any sport or games without actually having to bash anyone.

  1. Smiling Devil

It is a best-suited emoji for a message which shows your mischievous side which you donít actually fear to hide. However, donít use it to torment people.

  1. Angry Devil

If your evil plan fails to work and you are plotting revenge and actually threatening your friend who should regret having problems with you. However, donít try to act like it.

  1. Ogre

It is duly inspired by the famous Japanese folklore as this abominable monster can easily make dark humour, gossip or even a jab at your friend quite interesting.

  1. Goblin

In case you have duly annoyed someone, it is then you will receive an angry monster. It goes perfectly well with accusing and rants but try to keep it friendly.

  1. Skull

If you are actually preparing for any horror TV series or movie with your friends or feeling amused by the idea of impending doom, then this emoji can show the real emotion.

  1. Ghost

It is best suited with any horror story which is more humorous instead of being spooky.

  1. Extraterrestrial


Use this particular emoji to start a bonfire story to the entire next level. Its standard version often shows a silvery and shiny alien. However, Googleís version actually paints a completely unknown green creature which makes it quite stereotypical.

  1. Robot

If you are excited with upcoming robots or feeling fear that they will finally take over the world and then enslave the entire humanity, then this emoji can easily help you in expressing this fear. It can also be utilized metaphorically in order to describe being controlled by any other person.

  1. Pile of Poo

It is best suited for showing that a person is full of idiotic ideas. It looks like a soft-serving of ice cream, and you can pair it with an ice cream cone in order to treat your friends with special poopy softy.

  1. Baby

If you are blessed with a baby or sharing your wishes to a pregnant couple, then you can easily use this emoji in order to make your posts as well as messages even more personal. Also, you can easily use it to show the idea of infancy too.

  1. Girl/Boy

With the gleaming eyes, this particular emoji shows an imaginative mind of a child, and you can also use it to share your actual admiration for children.

  1. Woman/Man

If you like to embrace as well as cherish responsibility, then you can choose any skin tones or even hair colour in order to personalize the message.

  1. Old Woman/Man

Aching joints, wrinkles or cracking vice, turning old can be quite dreadful, but you can easily make your conversations regarding it quite joyful or even use it to show your love for your grandparents through this emoji.

  1. Woman/Man Health Worker

If you hate going to the doctor but actually find them attractive, then you can easily share your appreciation for any doctor or a professional in the healthcare industry like pharmacist or nurse using this emoji. The emoji meaning is quite clear with its vision.

  1. Female/Male Student


In case you are ready to actually enter to a new walk of life or even loving your time at your university then this emoji can easily be your dorm buddy.

  1. Female/Male Judge

The entire judicial process can be quite a grind unless you are actually a lawyer making a lot of money from the legal woes of people. If you imagine yourself as an actual keeper of justice and balance, then this emoji is the best one to use.

  1. Female/Male Farmer

Show your appreciation and support for the people who put food on your table with emoji that signify the hard work put by them. Also, use it to show your plans to go fully organic.

  1. Female/Male Chef

Getting reading to cook something or dining outside? This emoji can easily be used to share your very special dinner plans. You can also add many details by pairing it with other food emojis too. The emoji meaning of this emoji is fairly simple.

  1. Female/Male Mechanic

If you wish to gloat about visiting a garage to fix your car or washing machine that you have delayed for some time then sue this emoji to show that you like to spend some time to take charge of various small things of life especially when you are fixing all by yourself.

  1. Female/Male Technician

If you are creating your dream machine, then you can share your joy with your friends with this emoji. You can also use it with a flamethrower of Elon Musk.

  1. Female/Male Scientist

If you are working on a science project or simply having a scientific argument with your friend, then use this emoji. You can even add a microscope in order to make yourself look even more intense.

  1. Female/Male Technologist

If you are proud of your technical skills like coding or you are actually starting a blog then you can easily use this emoji in order to have more impact.

  1. Pop/Rock Star

It is inspired by David Bowie which gives an extra edge to your own image as a rock enthusiast. You can throw in a microphone or a guitar to start rocking social media and messengers. The WhatsApp version of this emoji already has a guitar within it.

  1. Female/Male Painter

With the spirit of famed painter Picasso, you can showcase your skills of art or even appreciate someoneís painting using this emoji. You can easily make your message a little bit elaborate by adding an additional palette tray.

  1. Female/Male Pilot

There isnít any harm in sharing your dream to fly over the clouds or wishing to be captain of a plane. Use this emoji in order to remind yourself of your hidden ambition to show your love of flying or feeling complete control over a crucial situation.

  1. Female/Male Astronaut

If you are shooting farther from the clouds and into the stars or even getting ready to explore distant planets like Mars with NASA or SpaceX, then you can use this emoji. It also signifies the freedom to pursue your own dreams and ambitions.

  1. Female/Male Firefighter

You always deserve to take credit of taking control of various difficult situations and even recusing people, and you can easily use this emoji to showcase this feeling. You can also utilize it to show your own gratitude for someone who has fought the metaphorical fire for you.

  1. Female/Male Cop

If you are on a mission to act as a good Samaritan or protect the law, then use this emoji to remind the people about your dream. You can also use it to police peopleís grammar on social media too.

113.Female/Male Detective

There isnít a better way to depict your accomplishment of solving a particular mystery or reporting any crime than using this emoji.

  1. Female/Male Guard

If you are babysitting a child or guarding someone, both are equally tough responsibilities. As long as you are preventing people from getting robbed or catching fire, you can easily share this emoji in order to share your pride.

  1. Female/Male Construction Worker

If you are helping in repair work, creating a new prototype of your idea or ecstatic about talking to machines similar to Bob the builder then you can use this emoji to showcase your love for creating something new.

  1. Princess/Prince

Pamper yourself with some of the royal treatment or even embrace any heroic achievement using this emoji to remind yourself of your proud feeling.

  1. Woman/Man with Turban

Turban is a symbol of community service or spirituality, and you can easily share your experience of an inherently deep connection with God or higher entity using this emoji.

  1. Man With Chinese Hat

A mean with a traditional cap can be used to greet any Chinese person.

  1. Woman With Headscarf

A woman is actually wearing a headscarf or an Islamic head cover called hijab, and then it is actually seen as a symbol of having faith. It is quite controversial in some countries. So, ensure that you donít make any blasphemous comments.

  1. Blonde Woman/Man

Blondes often have a reputation which no one like to talk about, but in case you have blonde hair colour or even want to get a new hairstyle then use this emoji.

  1. Bearded Man

It isnít just a symbol of manliness or style, and beards are often treated as a form of compliance with various faiths. So you can easily use this one to adore someone who shows his faith.

  1. Man in Tuxedo

If you are getting ready for any particular wedding or even your own, then your last selfies as a bachelor actually deserve this particular emoji in your captions. You can even use it with the next emoji in order to drop hinds before you are planning to propose your beloved one.

  1. Bride

When it becomes quite hard to hold your feelings of being a bride, then a few pictures with your bridesmaid or friends with this emoji can help you in getting hold of the inherent feeling of having butterflies in the stomach.

  1. Pregnant Woman

Having a child can be quite a great feeling especially when you are carrying for a few months, and you can easily share this joy about the miracle of birth using this emoji.

  1. Breastfeeding

The entire joy of motherhood shouldnít be kept to oneself, and if you are loving being a mother, then you should always promote breastfeed by sharing this particular emoji.

  1. Baby Angel/Cupid

If you are delighted to see a cute looking child that makes you relate him to an angel, then use this emoji in order to show your appreciation and admiration. You can also use this with a bow as well as an arrow or even a heart to make it appear like a Cupid, the Greek Goddessí son of love.

  1. Mrs. and Mr. Santa Claus

It is popularized by the famous western fable as father and mother Christmas that bring happened to children all over the world, and it is a perfect symbol of merrymaking and carrying, and you donít actually have to wait for Christmas to use it.

  1. Witch/Wizard

If you feel that stories about magic are senseless without any inspiring magician, then you are right. You need an emoji or witch or a wizard. It shows that it is quite easier for you to have longer chats with your beloved one who also shares a similar fashion for magical things.

  1. Female/Male Fairy

This emoji can easily make your various stories imaginative and whimsical. You can even add a rainbow-pooping unicorn too. This emoji can even be used to tell a person how unreal or magical they make you feel.

  1. Female/Male Vampire

If you are pleased with some gore or prepping for Halloween, then add this vampire emoji to get some attention. But donít ask for any blood donations with this emoji.

  1. Mermaid/Merman

You may even get tired of various whimsical and magical creatures, but mermen and mermaids with their great bodies will always be a treat to your eyes. You can also use this to complement your beloved one using this.

  1. Female/Male Elf

According to old Norse mythology, the elves are quite beautiful and are possessed with magical powers, and if you are thinking about fairies, then you can easily use this emoji. In case you are a fan of LOTR, then you can use this with any wise message or a message which appreciates fairness.

  1. Female/Male Genie

It could be quite a useful emoji in case you promise someone to serve their commands, and it is often used to cheer up any depressed loved ones or friends.

  1. Female/Male Zombie

If you are calling out to anybody who likes to stay isolated and never likes to leave hours until there is the end of the world, then this emoji is best suited for this situation. You can even take a jab at your friends by using this emoji by calling them heartless or unemotional.

  1. Woman/Man Frowning

You can easily utilize this emoji in order to give a much more humanly feel or even when you feel that a standard face emoji isnít sufficient enough to express the grief within.

  1. Woman/Man Pouting

Pouting in disagreement or in doubt but face emoji arenít actually serious enough for you then donít worry. You can easily use this special emoji that is dedicated to this particular feeling.

  1. Woman/Man Gesturing No

In case you know that saying yes to someone or something can easily cause trouble and being a villain as well as saying no can actually be a great practice then use this emoji which is quite useful.

  1. Woman/Man Gesturing OK

If you are excited about any particular plans and donít have any reasons to oppose it then show your feeling of approval with this particular emoji.

  1. Woman/Man Tipping Hand

From being actually grateful to someone, whether it is a courteous waiter or helpful desk executive, then you can use this emoji that shows that you are actually pleased.

  1. Woman/Man Raising Hand

Raising the hand in agreement or having a doubt? Use this emoji to convey your thoughts.

  1. Woman/Man Bowing

Bowing is a great way to show gratitude, respect or submission to someone who is more powerful than you and you can easily use this particular emoji to show your humble feelings.

  1. Woman/Man Facepalming

If you donít have any amount of patience to deal with any stupid text, then let this particular emoji to do the talking.

  1. Woman/Man Shrugging

It is perfect in case you donít desire to take any responsibility or donít want to justify your own stand. It is also great to use in a situation when you like to say ĒI told you soĒ.

  1. Woman/Man Getting Massage

Metaphorical for getting rid of any difficult situation, you can easily use this emoji to tell to your beloved one that you want to have a massage. The emoji meaning of this emoji is quite† simple.

  1. Woman/Man Getting Haircut

If you are planning or even already getting a new look for your upcoming event, then use this particular emoji to tease it to your different friends on social media easily.

148 .Woman/Man Walking

Walking at a brisk pace represents a lot of things, from starting of an exercise or working towards your lifeís aim or simply talking. You can easily use this emoji along with other types of ambition reflecting emoji or telling someone that you are actually taking charge of the particular situation.

  1. Woman/Man Running

With long strides along with a stance represents dedication which can be used with taking responsibility and fitness resolutions. It is the best used for running away from any situation in a particular comical way.

  1. Woman/Man Dancing

Dancing remains to be among the best ways to express joy and passion and this particular emoji exactly shows that. It can be easily used as an invitation to any dance class that you donít want to overlook.

  1. Women/Men With Bunny Ears

While bunnies are actual figures of tenderness and innocence, this emoji is inspired by the famous Playboy bunny and can be used to express intimate desires.

  1. Woman/Man in Steamy Room

If you wish to tease your friend over the relaxing time you are actually having at the sauna, then use this emoji and make them wonder how it feels like.

  1. Levitating Man

If you wish to appear super cool, then there isnít any great emoji than this one to express it. It looks like rude boy figure of famous jazz musicians in late 60s and is also known as Walt Jabsco.

Hand Gestures Emoji Meanings

  1. Biceps Flex

Also known as a symbol of great strength and friends often gloating about their own gains, this particular emoji signifies power as well as dominance over others. The emoji meaning of this emoji is quite simple.

  1. Backhand Fingers Pointing Left and Right

It is a humanly way of showing a particular direction instead of arrow symbols. It can also be used actually to emphasize on a particular point or can be used together with different other emojis to create a detailed description.

  1. Index Finger Pointing Upwards

It is used to interrupt anyone in case you have a doubt, question or to indicate the number one.

  1. Backhand Finger Pointing Upwards

It is used as a particular symbol of agreement between two people messaging as well as commenting above you along with for pointing upwards whenever used with any other emoji.

  1. Middle Finger

The finger which is next to index is often considered rude or a swearing gesture and wish to show discontent to someone over their ideas and comments.

  1. Backhand Finger Pointing Downwards


It is similar to upward pointing finger and can also be used to point downwards or even along with different other emojis. It can even be used as a particular gesture for saying ďright hereĒ, but you need another emoji to make its meaning clear.

  1. Victory/Peace Symbol

It is a gesture to show prime moments in history and often viewed as a symbol of victory and peace. If there was any backhand version, it would represent an insult.

  1. Fingers-Crossed

It goes well for various conditions when you are hopeful and donít wish to jinx it. It is also utilized as a particular symbol for luck.

  1. Vulcan Salute

Popularized by the famous Star Trek crew, this particular gesture is a modified version of the sign of victory but can easily be used while talking with respect to any interstellar journey or even alien life. It finds its origin in a particular Jewish blessing.

  1. Devilís Horns

Demonized by a lot of religious groups as well as honoured by rebels, this particular symbol shows appreciation as well as a brotherhood among various people who live and respect by the philosophies or metal and rock music as well as the culture around it. It also has different religious interpretations.

  1. Hand With All Fingers

It is similar to waving one but is quite simple and used to depict the number five. Its emoji meaning can easily be judged by viewing it.

  1. Raised Palm

With the fingers actually aligned closely but not joint, this particular emoji can easily be used as a particular gesture for asking someone actually to stop or even high-five someone.

  1. OK Hand

It is a gesture traditionally used for appreciation or acceptance but can easily be used as a famous meme of circle game that is about starting a fight and even used as a particular racist joke against people of black colour. So use it carefully.

  1. Thumbs Up and Down

Thanks to Facebook, now we know these gestures popularly utilized for liking or disliking anything.

  1. Fist

It is often seen as a particular sign of revolt as well as resistance along with a gesture for triumph. It can also show the number zero as it doesnít have any fingers.

  1. Approaching Fist

This emoji can be used to show a flying punch or even a bro-fist, depending on the person you are speaking with.

  1. Fists Facing Left and Right

These emojis can be used together in order to show fist bumps or even signify resistance or any agitation towards a particular object with the assistance of another emoji.

  1. Raised Backhand

It is used along with the normal raised hand to show a successful high five.

  1. Waving Hand

This gesture can easily be used for having a pleasant meeting and saying both hello as well as goodbye which depends on the conversation.

  1. Love-You

Often confused as rock and pop gesture by normies, this particular symbol is actually derived from the famous American sign language and means I Love You, and you can spread love using this. The emoji meaning is quite clear by seeing it.

  1. Writing Hand

It is used to tell someone that you are actually paying attention or even taking down any point but can also be used to show a promise of writing back.

  1. Applause

The pair of hands which are clapping is a standard gesture to show appreciation after a great act but can also be used as a slow clap to show loathing and sarcasm.

  1. Open Hands

It is used as a symbol of openness and honey and can easily be used to show a call for huge or even jazz hands that show the completion of a great stage act.

  1. Raised Hands

The hands raised in the air is often used for hailing a particularly great performance or celebrating any achievement.

  1. Palms held Up

By keeping the palms facing up can easily be used as a particular gesture while praying in few cultures but the emoji can also be used to show a book. It can also be used to blame the fault lines in the palms in case it helps.

  1. Folded Hands

Folded hands are often used for showing gratitude and praising, but in some culture, this gesture is often used for greeting others. It can be used to display passivity while you offer prayer.

  1. Handshake

As a common gesture for friendship and agreement, this emoji is also valid when it is being used for a greeting and cordial relations between different allies.

Recently Introduced Emoji

Over 150 new emojis are introduced into the list which takes the total number of emojis to over 2,800 according to the latest standard or emoji which his Emoji 11.0 that was rolled out by Unicode. The various newly added emojis are:

  1. Smiling in Love

With four hearts that float in the air and the blushing cheeks, this particular emoji can easily be sent to the person whom you love truly and deeply. Its emoji meaning is quite easy to understand.

  1. Boiling Face

The sun is at the peak, and if the air conditioner is broken and you are feeling hot, then this emoji is best used to show discomfort in the heat with a red-hot head as well as sweat that rolls down the forehead.

  1. Chilly Face

Simply opposite to the previous one, this emoji signifies freezing cold temperature which makes you go blue.

  1. Partying

With confetti all over the emoji along with a bent party cap on the head as well as a paper horn, this emoji shows the feeling of getting drenched in the complete party mood. It can even be used to show excitement for any upcoming party. Its emoji meaning is easy to understand.

  1. Dizzy

This emoji shows the state of being quite tipsy especially after a drink or being elated after a shot of morphine. It can even be used for showing feelings of emotional imbalance and exhaustion.

  1. Puppy Eyes

If you wish something that you want so bad that you want to get down on the knees, simply fold the hands and plead with complete will and even cry then this emoji can easily be used to melt the peopleís hearts who are miffed with you or even when you wish a gift for your marriage anniversary or birthday very badly.

  1. Ginger/Redhead

If there are different emojis for all types of hair colours so why gingers are left out? Hence, this emoji actually satisfy the people who have red hair and can also be used to tease anyone who has chosen of hair dye. This emoji is available in various skin tones.

  1. Woman/Man With Curly Hair

For the people who wish a more accurate description of their wavy or curly hairs, then this is the best emoji to choose. It also has a bit of Hispanic touch to it, but it can easily be a particular perception. Its emoji meaning is very easy to understand.

  1. Bald Woman/Man

While being bald can easily be a style statement, it is generally linked with cancer. So, in case you wish to use this particular emoji then ensure that you do it with great caution.

  1. Woman/Man With White Hair

A lot of people with white hair are there in the world, and they deserve a particular symbol especially when gingers and other hair coloured people have their own emojis. These emojis are also available in five different skin colours apart from yellow. Hence choose the right one accordingly.

  1. Superheroes

Unicode doesnít plan to disappoint anyone who desires to be a superhero. Hence there are three distinct versions that support various skin colours. While one is more gender neutral, the other ones have much more defined features which represent their respective genders. You can easily use these in case you are feeling in complete control or even desire to feel so.

  1. Supervillains

Similar to superheroes, there are three distinct faces which show super criminals and thugs. The first one is actually gender neutral while the other one is male and female. You can easily use them to show your evil side.

Wrapping Up

So, we have gone through the various popular and famous emoji expressions, and we have tried our absolute best to show what exactly they mean. People often use these emojis since they are quite easier than simply typing the words and are very expressive in nature. With the rise of these emojis, you can see a lot of businesses using these to engage their own users. Facebook has also rolled out its own reactions to allow its users to express richly and Apple has taken this game to whole different level by introducing the latest Animoji. It is quite possible that most of the computer programs have started perceiving these emojis as peopleís responses. It is also possible that some companies are now using emoji in order to track the clientsí emotions in order to convert them to long-term customers. We canít predict what will be the future of the emojis, but we can certainly imagine that more number of emojis will keep coming up. So, what do you think about these emojis? Is the emoji meaning of these emojis now clear to you? Do you actually have any suggestion for a new type of emoji? If yes, then share your comments in the section underneath.