Best DJ Headphones in 2018

DJ Headphones

Working as a DJ is just like any other profession. You need to have the best tools and the skills to entertain your audience. One of the most important accessories you need to work as a DJ is good headphones. There are many in the market but picking the most reliable from the hundreds is what many people find difficult, so to make it easier here is a compilation of some of the best DJ headphones you could choose for your setup.

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones

These are the Best DJ Headphones overall. They are designed for professional DJs and offer clean high-definition bass and awesome highs, which is ideal when mixing. They come with a high-efficiency cobalt capsule that gives smooth music. The headphones also have rotating ear cups that offer support for one-sided listening. You will appreciate the quality of the sound, and the materials used are quality so you can use the headphones for a many hours without feeling any discomfort.

Monoprice 108323

If you are looking for budget headphones that can still produce good sound, you have a solution with the Monoprice 108323. The headphones offer excellent sound and have 50mm drivers and 100dB sensitivity that provides a crisp high and deep bass response. It helps you to clearly hear the beats in songs and the padding is thick and comfortable, so you are not going to get that itchy feeling when you use them for a long period of time. Additionally, the ear cups are designed in a manner that they are extensible up to 1.5 on either side, and they come wide enough to cover cups while ensuring contact with the ears.

Sony DJ Style Headphones

If you want to achieve unrivalled sound fidelity, you should go with the Sony DJ Style headphones, which are designed for professional DJs. They offer a good fidelity range that is suitable for classical, rock music and jazz. The headphones seamlessly pair and work with your iPhone, laptop, and PC. They are sleek and comfortable and the sound quality is exceptionally detailed and clear. Their bass is tight and punchy, but does not feel overwhelmingly muddy like you would experience with many headphones. You will also enjoy its highs, which are crisp and warm. Basically, they give an enjoyable experience and overall comfort.

Senheiser HD 25

The Senheiser HD would be said to be the best hands down because of a few factors. For one, they are lightweight, they offer an excellent sound quality, and are comfortable. They are designed to feature as performance DJ headphones, so they have high sensitivity drivers that allow them to manage high sound pressure. You can use them for long periods of time and you will not suffer fatigue as they are designed to give you both performance and comfort.

If you are considering getting the best DJ headphones in 2018 to start your year with new tools, then the headphones highlighted above are the perfect solution. They are made specifically for DJs and are powerful than conventional headphones.