Best Coupon Sites for 2019: Save Money Shopping Online!

People have always liked discounts, promos, and coupons. And, hey, it’s a win-win situation. The client gets a better price and the salesman either promotes his product or gets rid of the old stuff, either way, sales go up, everyone is happy.

We only have to look at This Black Friday Video to confirm how passionate people are to get their desired ware at a  smaller price. However, there is no need to wait for Black Friday and stand in a massive queue only to be trampled by some larger guys in order to get a good deal off some products. Coupons exist all year round and here is a definitive list of the websites that offer the best deals or simply cover the most offers.

This site is the major player with thousands and thousands of companies who offer millions of deals to the clients. The service covers the majority of American affiliate and coupon offers. And it has a very convenient search option. You type in your coordinates (zip or address) and receive all the local offers you can get. They can be sorted by categories as well ( electronics, food, clothing etc.). Found the discount you want? Just print it out or upload onto your smartphone and you are done. To make things even more convenient, the team has developed an app to browse coupons even faster and get personal notifications.


Groupon is the second largest site that deals in coupons. However, their system is a little bit different from the previous company. You will have to buy their coupons. The price varies from a symbolic 1$ and up to the whole payment for the desired service with the proposed discount. Why do you have to pay? Well, that’s because Groupon deals are often exclusive and more profitable even if you take their price into account. So, you buy the coupon, print it out and simply exchange it for the service. And if you haven’t used the coupon, you can always get a refund.


Ebates is the third leading coupon site and its system is different from the rest yet again. EBATES deals in cashback offers. It goes like this: you get the coupon or shop through their site directly (it links to other shops that participate) and you can get a cashback for your purchase up to 25% basically meaning a discount in the form of points that you can use to purchase other things. There are also offers for those who want to help the poor and unfortunate. You can donate your cashback money to trusted charity funds. Oh, and if you decided to buy something on a whim, you can download their app and keep your coupons always at hand. 


Retailmenot is like a social network for people who like discounts. You can get coupons, discounts, and free shipment offers from the site but its essential feature is its community.  Users vote for the deals, they comment on the deals and that way moves them up or down in the popularity rating. Apart from that, they can add their own coupons


Couponbirds is a new but rapidly developing platform. They offer free coupons from over 100,000 shops and as an addition, they have about 50,000 exclusive deals. Their forte is making daily popular and useful coupon selections. They will tell you what deals are popular now, which deals are good for New Year or Christmas and among them, you can see the top stores that provide the most deals at the current moment. As an addition, you can submit your own deals. Couponbirds offer free shipment deals as well. 


Slickdeals is a growing site as well. Its main point is saving money for the community of the site and it is even more socially oriented than the Retailmenot. All the deals are submitted by the community and their rating is regulated solely by the voters. The editors of the site just check for any foul play. They have their own blog that features great opportunities to save money or find some really good but underestimated product and a forum where people discuss ways to purchase things while saving money. In order to find deals better, Category and shop searches are available.


This site does not specialize in coupons exactly. It doesn’t specialize in anything yet deals in everything. Since Amazon is the largest retail shop in the USA, it is definitely worth mentioning that it has its own coupon system integrated into the shop.  The advantage is that you don’t have to look for coupons anywhere, they are all there. However, they are only viable for Amazon purchases. Some other websites offer service coupons ( like a river cruise or a spa session) as well, unlike Amazon. 

There are surely lots of other coupon sites, however, the ones mentioned present the largest number of supported shops and offers. After that, it’s only a matter of taste, which site will suit you better.

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