Best Cigar Lighters for Any Budget

Cigar Lighters

When it comes to smoking cigars on-the-go, a reliable pocket-sized torch lighter is a must have accessory for any cigar aficionado.

So in this article, we’re looking at the best cigar lighters available online. Regardless of your budget, we’re sure we’ve found a lighter that’ll meet your expectations. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for the cigar lover in your life, we’ve done the hard work for you, scouring the web for the 10 very best torch lighters.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. Enjoy:

1.   WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter

What makes the WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter our first choice is the value proposition – this Cigar Lighter punches way above its weight class in terms of features and quality. For only $39, this extremely budget-friendly lighter has the look, build, and power of a lighter that costs multiple times more!

What makes it so good for lighting and enjoying your cigar is that it lights your cigar quickly and evenly using pure butane gas that leaves no chemical taste, allowing you to enjoy every ‘Gar to its fullest. It can also light around 100 cigars on each charge! The flame it produces is also windproof, meaning you can pop a tobacco in your mouth even in the outdoors without any issue.

The price and portability make it the ideal gift for cigar lovers and outdoorsmen alike. You can grab them here: WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter

2.   Ligne 2 le Grand Dandy Lighter

Some people view their lighters as an accessory, just like they view luxury watches as some form of jewelry. That’s what the Ligne 2 le Grand Dandy Lighter is built for.

Made by the French brand S.T. Dupont, it has an elegant finish that just screams luxury with a yellow-gold finish. It is a timeless piece of art that you can place in your pocket. If you’re a lighter connoisseur, this is a must-have.

The issue we found with this lighter is that it utilizes a soft flame, which is not windproof. Thus, this is not the ideal lighter to use for lighting your cigar outdoors, or for many other outdoor activity.

We haven’t even gotten to the price yet – this particular lighter costs around $1,500!

3.   Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

This unconventionally designed lighter is so unique, it’s a guaranteed topic starter. You can place the Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter to your coffee table or cigar lounge, and it’ll look right at home.

It’s a robust lighter that can light up to 1,000 cigars before you have to refill its butane fuel. The burner allows for quick and even lighting, and the fuel used promotes nothing but your cigar’s full flavour.

However, this cigar lighter is limited for home-use only. Hence you’ll still need a pocket-sized lighter on the side, such as the Windblaze.

4.   HUOWA Jet Torch Cigar Lighter

The HUOWA Jet Torch Cigar Lighter is a powerful lighter with 4 burners that can light a cigar in seconds and cool down for a few more seconds. The flame is adjustable using a rotating switch at the bottom. Its body is built from high-quality Zinc Alloy materials, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

For outdoor purposes though, this wouldn’t be our lighter of choice. It’s a bit too bulky for our pockets, making it more suitable to be a kitchen lighter for your backyard barbecues. The 4 burners use up the butane quickly (which is not included when you buy one), and it can burn your cigar a little too much (or too little) if you use it from a less than ideal distance.

5.   Le Grand Lighter – Sunburst Blue/Palladium

Another lighter from S.T. Dupont, this luxurious lighter has a chrome and blue finish that’s perfect for older gentlemen (and ladies, too). The lighting mechanism is also easy to use, and the soft double flame is designed to heat your cigar in an even circle.

As one would expect from S.T. Dupont, however, this is an extremely expensive piece of pocketable lighter, at more than $1,100. It is also slightly larger than the aforementioned Ligne 2 and also suffers from the same outdoor issue – the flame is not windproof.

6.   S.T. Dupont Gold Dancing Flame Lighter

The third S.T. Dupont-built lighter from our list, the Gold Dancing Flame Lighter is no less impressive than its premium brothers. Built from yellow gold, you can easily justify the cost – which is more than $1,200 at the time of writing.

But of course, it suffers from the same cons – it’s extremely expensive, thus not for everyone. It uses soft flames, which are good for lighting cigars indoors – not outdoors lest you get an uneven burn on your cigar head.

7.   Quad Torch Tabletop Lighter

Another value proposition winner, the $22 Quad Torch Tabletop Lighter is a decent pick for cigar enthusiasts on a budget. It has a high quality Zinc Alloy build with a leather handle wrapped around and has a powerful, windproof butane flame for outdoor cigar lighting.

The gripe we have with this lighter is its size – it’s too big for any pocket and too small compared to other tabletop lighters, which means reduced fuel capacity. But at its price, it’s definitely a valid option that we can still recommend.

8.   Colibri Julius Flint Double Flame Lighter

This gunmetal-finished Colibri Julius Flint Double Flame Lighter is definitely a looker – it looks similar to the luxurious S.T. Dupont lighters and has similar features, albeit without the premium quality build and the simple luxury it exudes.

At $125, it is a fair choice, though a 3/5 rating doesn’t do much for it, while other alternative lighters like the WindBlaze were able to receive much higher ratings at a fraction of the price.

9.   Multipurpose Butane Torch

The Multipurpose Butane Torch is a tough lighter that’s built for almost anything, such as lighting cigars, your barbecue grill, or your cooking stove. We don’t really like the aesthetics, but it’s a subjective matter – it’s definitely a practical choice.

We’d call this one a kitchen lighter, primarily because of the design – it’s modern with a utilitarian feel that wouldn’t feel out of place in a chef’s workspace. Basically, it doesn’t have the finesse that cigar lighters exude.

10.  yusud Jet Torch Cigar

Also built from Zinc Alloy, the yusud Jet Torch has a unique revolver-like design for western cowboy theme fans. It’s a powerful lighter that produces a windproof jet of flame which makes it good for burning anything and your cigar even in the windy outdoors. At $12.99, it provides decent value, too.

What we view as its weakness is one of its strengths – the unique design. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but the classy gentlemen who always keep a lighter on them probably would steer clear of this lighter. It makes for a good gift to your friends, though.

Our Editors’ Choice: The WindBlaze

Because of the overall durability, design, quality, and features, our Editors’ Choice award goes to the WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter. We have never seen such a packed torch condensed in such a small, portable, delightful package such as this one.

For the purposes of cigar lighting, you’ll be hard-pressed to look for something better. The size is perfect for our pockets, it comes with a ring that can be attached with your keys, and it has a powerful windproof flame that matches other larger-sized burners.

Get one for yourself or your friends here – it’s definitely worth more than its asking price!