The Benefits of Tech Companies Using Invoice Finance Brokers


In the modern age, it has never been more important for UK businesses to seek out low-cost and agile finance.

After all, the spectre of Brexit is continuing to loom large over British firms, with nearly three-quarter of firms expecting the economic climate to worsen in the near-term. The issue is particularly concerning for tech start-ups, which are often required to seek out considerable financing in order to successfully launch their ventures.

For these organisations, invoice financing can provide a flexible and short-term option that offers numerous advantages. This is particularly true when you partner with specialist brokers like Touch Financial, who can deliver these benefits:

  1. Connecting you with Relevant Suppliers

The invoice financing market has thrived in recent times, with a huge number of suppliers now competing for business. As a result of this, it can be hard to identify the best possible service providers, but partnering with a reputable broker can help to negate this issue.

Successful brokers have relationships with a range of potential lenders, so they’re best placed to secure the most competitive real-time rates for your business.

Similarly, brokers can also identify service providers that may operate in specific industries such as technology, which could offer your business access to a wider range of financial benefits.

1. Using an Accredited Service

Like any type of broker, companies that work in the invoice finance niche must be fully accredited.

You should certainly ensure that your choice of broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), while it’s also prudent to prioritise companies that are credited as a UK Finance Associate.

This way, you can access a reliable and well-regulated brokerage service that delivers exceptional results for your tech business. By building relationships with the very best brokers and lenders, you can also secure the financial health of your venture over a sustained period of time.

2. Optimise your Businesses Cash Flow

Tech firms can have notoriously high running costs, depending on the products or services that they offer to customers. As a result of this, many can struggle to achieve a viable profit during their first months of trading, which is one of the numerous reasons why so many tech start-ups enter into lucrative acquisitions and mergers.

This is why invoice financing is so popular among tech start-ups, as it enables firms to enter into manageable, short-term loans that equate to the value of their accounts receivable.

Partnering with the right type of broker can ensure that you access the best possible and most competitive rates, however, making invoice financing even more beneficial than it otherwise may have been. Given the small margins often associated with start-up tech firms, this can make a huge difference in terms of reducing borrowing costs and maximising working capital.