Beginner’s tips for performing even better in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Beginner's tips

sPUBG has become a real heart-throb for gamers and certainly, the game has got all the elements to make you seated in front of your device for hours. PUBG tournaments are consequently getting popular among the youth. The pubg free download has made things even more amazing! However, if you are a newcomer or thinking about mastering your skills, we are here to help you by compiling the tricks that would improve your approach towards the game!

How does the battleground work?

If you have been used to the typical shooter games till date, well, this game is basically focused on your skills to survive not to shoot your enemies down. Of course, you are going to hit your foes in order to withstand any damage targeted towards you, but there is no extra privilege if you kill the maximum. In fact, you shall have the provision to win without shooting a single rival. If you are aiming to win the upcoming PUBG tournament, all you must focus upon is on stealth strategy, that is what most of the highest ranking players do! Certainly, mastering these stealth strategies would help you greatly but that’s not the end, you need to get equipped with the combat techniques as well. Starters must lay more stress on such and practice is definitely the key. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground combat mechanics are a little different, unlike the usual ones, but once you get acquainted with them, you are sure to qualify for the Chicken Dinner!

Lastly, no matter how good you get at hiding yourself in the bush or whatsoever, you must be well equipped at shooting down your enemy in case he or she finds you out.

Here is a rundown of some of the basic PUBG tricks that may help you on the battlefield:

  • Big towns could be of greater danger but are mostly good places to loot. However, you can land over areas with small clusters of buildings for a higher chance of success.
  • Do not miss out getting yourself any of the following:  a backpack, assault rifles (ARs), a bulletproof vest, a helmet or healing items. It’s even more awesome if you can get them for yourself at higher levels.
  • One can run barefoot at the same speed as that of running with shoes, however, the only advantage you get is the former process makes you quieter and thus, you become difficult for your enemy to spot.
  • Using map markers are indeed fruitful; it would help you particularly when you are in the team as you may shout out the directions to your mates and do not ruin the flow of the game by wandering without any purpose.
  • The B ket or the left button on the D-pad of your gaming console would enable you to adjust your rate of fire, so you can do that accordingly.
  • You can refuel your vehicle just by right-clicking on the canisters from the inventory.
  • Remaining within the game’s voice chat can help you, but make sure that you set it ‘chat to a party only’.

The pubg free downloadhas seen explosive growth in the “battle royale” space and no game has been more popular or more prominent than this as it blends elements of traditional survival games with the fast-paced action.

Image Credits: Beginner’s tips from Rachata Teyparsit/Shutterstock