How to Beat SEO Competition and Rise to the Top of the Search Results Page

With millions of businesses vying for a slice of the online market, it can be quite difficult to get adequate organic traffic even with strong SEO practices. With visitor response usually restricted to the businesses that feature Google’s first page, the sheer competition can make you wonder if it is at all possible for you to break through. While it is natural to think that it would take a huge investment to be able to catch up with those who have been in the online space for far longer; fortunately there are some simple steps that will get you effective SEO results.

Define a Niche for Your Business

It can be very difficult to grab a significant share of the market when there are already very successful businesses that have been operating for long. It is instead far more effective for you to define a business niche that may not be very worthwhile for your competitors but has potential that you can exploit with your fleet-footedness. For example, instead of selling books of all genres against stiff competition, you may like to position yourself as a seller of business management books only. While compared to the universe of books, this may appear to be far smaller, but you will be able to project your expertise to a niche audience far better and grab a really big share of the market with targeted visitors.

Target Local Customers

With the Internet demolishing physical boundaries, most businesses spend their resources trying to market to a really scattered audience. However, if you think local, you can reach out to a more specific audience and encourage them to visit your business and transact. Google’s algorithm delivers a local three-pack of results right at the top of the search page. These pertain to local businesses depending on the location of the user that Google thinks are best positioned to satisfy the user requirement. Apart from your web page containing the details of the local store, getting the business listed in online directories like Yelp will also help you to forge ahead in the local search results. You can take the help of expert CEO agencies like SandCrestSEO.com to develop a local presence that works.

Better the Competition 

Too many businesses waste resources and effort trying to outdo each other on the price front. It is often more productive for you to outdo them on other dimensions such as superior website content, better social media engagement, responding to feedback and complaints faster, building better blog and information resources. Though this will cost money, the results will be far more enduring and you will have established a lot of goodwill with your customers that will ensure better revenues and profits.


Even though the online space is really crowded and the competition intense, you can propel your business to success if you think strategically and carve out market niches that are distinct. You will not have to fight as hard, and with specific targeting, enough user traffic will be generated.

About Author: Jenny Lee writes on search engine technology and SEO for a number of online resources. She suggests that even small businesses should engage professional agencies like Sand Crest SEO.com.