Be Innovative: Adopt an Intelligent Cloud ERP Solution for your Business

Cloud ERP

Do you want your business to experience a quantum leap in a fast-paced economy? Then, there is need to be innovative and run your business on an intelligent cloud ERP offering.

As a midsize company, your business is growing quickly – you are hiring employees, managing increase in sales or maybe you are getting serious about customer service and marketing. You might currently be using Excel, QuickBooks or other light weight solutions and you are outgrowing it fast.

With SAP Business-by-Design, more can be achieved within a limited time-frame. SAP Business-by-Design is a complete end-to-end and on-demand cloud-based solution built from ground up for midsize and fast-growing companies. It unifies every function of a department and integrates business processes from accounting and finance to manufacturing, supply chain management and human resources. As a fast-growing business corporation, SAP Business-by-Design lets you go global in over one hundred markets so you can dominate your industry without any process or software slowing you down.

Addressing the Needs of Midsize and Fast-Growing Companies.

SAP Business-by-Design is a complete solution comprising project management, manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, financials, management reporting, and human resources. It provides end-to-end business integration for fast growing and midsize organizations. As a flexible and extendable cloud solution, SAP Business-by-Design enables you focus more on your business and not on IT so you can meet customers and supplier’s expectation. The solution supports 35 fully integrated end-to-end business scenarios, from traditional order-to-cash to complex third party order processing scenarios.  The business scenarios, as well as all functions in SAP Business-by-Design, can be deployed incrementally in phases, providing customers with the flexibility to adapt their solution as they grow.

SAP Business-by-Design has built-in help and learning. Users can get answers to their questions or access a demo on how to use the software from every screen. Service and support functions are also built directly into the software; key users can report an issue from any SAP Business-by-Design screen directly to SAP support. SAP Business-by-Design solution also includes system self-monitoring with automatic correction mechanisms, as well as analytics and compliance functions. All business, service, and support functions are fully integrated in the solution too. In addition, employees of top business corporations and individuals can leverage on SAP Courses to upskill and remain relevant.

         Image 2: Application and User Management Work Centre Capabilities in SAP ByD

Basis for Further On-Demand Solutions

The architectural design of SAP Business-by-Design naturally lends itself to it being deployed as a platform. Other on-demand solutions, as well as future on-premise solutions, can be built on top of the solution. The SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense solutions are two examples. The solution was developed with flexibility, adaptability, and extensibility in mind, making it a solid cloud offering. Through the built-in service-oriented architecture (SOA), SAP Business-by-Design has a comprehensive blueprint for creating flexible enterprise software based on the model-driven composition of platform services. When coupled with SAP HANA software, SAP Business-by-Design is the state-of-the-art solution for further business application software.