Basics of Email Marketing


When you think of bringing your business online and wish to get customers right away, email marketing is the one method you should look into. Even with the advent of social media, mailer is still a useful tool to inform and convert potential customers.

When you opt for emailer for your business, then you should keep in mind few of the basic points which will lead to a successful email campaign:

1. Quick Follow-Up with Leads and Offer Subscription Opportunities

Once you develop a lead and try to capture it, follow up is a must. When you get an email address of a potential customer, it indicates that the person wants to know more about your business or product.

Depending on how fast you follow up, the chance of having the customer in receptive mindset becomes high. If you take more time to respond then, this mood and mindset of the customer may change to the non-receptive state. So here are best tips for lead capturing:

Follow Up Within an Hour

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, the businesses that contacted their leads within an hour were seven times more likely to have meaningful conversation with the lead in comparison to those who didn’t.

Asking for Subscription to Newsletter

In case you are sending regular newsletters, then you can also ask the customer to sign up along with lead capture form.

2. Extend your brand, attach a professional email signature and include links.

One has to keep in mind that emailer is used to promote business. So, in every email they send, they should include few things in it.

Extend Your Brand

Never send a cluttered and improper email to your potential customers. Make sure the graphics used should be of better quality. The message should be simple, crisp and to the point. Your email will play a crucial role in building your business’s brand.

Link To Your Site/Social Media

Always includes your business’s social media profile links in your email. You have to provide an opportunity to your customer to reach out to you via social media.

Professional Email Signature with a Disclosure

A professional signature makes your emails polished and sophisticated. You should make sure to include a disclosure, unsubscription option and in case the recipient receiving the email by mistake.

3. Get a Professional Business Email Address

You should always have a professional business email address for your emailer campaigns. Personal email addresses show unprofessionalism. Making effort and time to set up a business email address projects you as a serious business in front of your customers. It also helps in building your brand.


You can look out for a variety of emailer related tips and tricks.But you need to cover the basics to make emailer campaign successful and effective. If you have managed to cover the basics, then you will be building a sustainable and growing emailer system for your own business.