Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads: Decide Carefully

Facebook is the best location online to advertise. It accounts for two-thirds of social web ad revenue share. Facebook’s Ads Manager contains every tool you could ever need to get your desired audience and build a killing running ads online.

But you’ve conveyed to discipline your ads to force them to behave. It would help if you had Facebook Ad optimization rules to assemble the most out of every ad campaign and bypass spending too much or too small on each ad set.

With Facebook Ad optimization management, you can pause ads that just aren’t cutting it and leverage the power of thriving ones, leading to more earnings and more occasional problems. It authorizes you to manage precisely how much you pay on ads every day. You can also edit and organize conventions at any time as your budget discrepancies.

Facebook Ads Are Still Highly Effective

Thanks to quarantine and economic shutdowns in the first quarter of the year, people spent more time in apps and on social media than ever before. Globally, the reasonable weekly time spent in apps and games on Android phones expanded 20% year-over-year in Q1 2020, and specialists expect this to standardize going forward.

Binding this boycott will be challenging for companies who rely on Facebook Ads to grow their livelihoods. The digital advertising industry has unmatched costs and targeting options available in Facebook Ads.

Many advertisers participated in the boycott, the knowledge of their effectiveness for advertisers is evident. It is only committed to pausing its ads for one month, only in the US, and only on Facebook—but not Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook and still managed through the Facebook Ads forum.

Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads?

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers in quarantine expended more time than ever on social media and in apps, which built more “inventory” for ads to be conformed. At the same time, advertisers pulled their drives due to budget indents. Less competition drove down costs dramatically. Due to these decreased rates, we may see the clients’ budgets stretch farther than ever, and their campaigns experience record engagement rates. 

Some industry experts predict this pause could create similar circumstances to the earlier days of the pandemic. While the list of labels pausing Facebook Ads grows, so does the opportunity for smaller or competitor brands to consume some of the market share, likely at lower costs due to diminished competition and already heightened usage rates of social media and apps.

Pausing Digital Ads Can Affect Your Campaigns’ Performance

Suppose you plan to pause and restart your Facebook or other digital advertising campaigns for a boycott (or any other reason). In that case, it’s essential to understand the opportunity cost created by downtime. Disrupting the data can send the drives back into “learning” mode and create a setback. It won’t be as simple as turning your drives back on and expecting outcomes at the same pace as when you ceased. Platforms like Facebook Ads are developed to nurture campaign improvements the longer a campaign runs because the platform collects more data and optimizes as time goes on. For example, a conversion-objective campaign will gain more conversions as data is collected about what parts of the audience are converting at higher rates than others.

Big Brands Benefit in Publicity

Brands like Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s may (or may not) take a sizable hit from suspending their Facebook advertising for a month or more, but they certainly benefit from the publicity. By joining this cause, they’re being featured in the media and press coverage on the boycott. If we could place a valuation on the earned media, as a result, it could certainly make a dent in the share of voice lost from their campaign pauses.

Also of note are companies joining the boycott likely for the goodwill who don’t stand to lose much. For example, the Clorox Company plans to maintain its total advertising budget but shift its spending to other media. Indeed a company with soaring stock prices that profited from the global pandemic can afford to risk their advertising results for the rest of the year… but can a small business with less prior experience testing and tuning other advertising platforms afford the risk?

Is Pausing the Facebook Ads Right for Your Business?

While you may feel compelled to participate in a boycott backed by civil rights groups should it align with your values, it’s essential to weigh the consequences thoroughly. With many SMBs already in fragile financial states due to COVID-19’s economic impact, now may not be the ideal time to risk losing additional business. Could more jobs be at stake? In addition, it would help to consider how this aligns with your target customer as an advertiser. If you continue to advertise, will you be perceived as insensitive or “not down for the cause,” if you continue to promote?

Final Thoughts

An infrequent Facebook Ad optimization rule and tips for swiping for the best results can be recapitulated. First off, you must automatically cap frequency to concentrate on campaigns that could utilize more awareness. Second, never conduct ads without adding the Facebook pixel to the website. All of the ad optimization rules globally don’t indicate as much if you can’t stalk exactly how Facebook users interact with your site. Third, Intercommunicate “dark posts” in multiple ad sets so that you can pull up a considerable amount of social validation on one post to promote rankings and SEO. Fourth, raise bids for more openness if your CPC is down, and don’t ignore combining multiple rules on your campaigns if required. Finally, determine which ad placements and times serve best. Only publish new ads in those placements and during those periods for the most profitable results. Finally, conduct ads on a schedule so that you don’t have to update them at desired days and times manually.

As a small or medium-sized business or organization, it is recommended to consult your digital advertising team or an expert to fully evaluate whether joining a boycott of Facebook Ads is the right move for your short and long-term growth.