Backup Old iPhone 6/7 Before iOS 12 Upgrade with DearMob iPhone Manager


Should I upgrade my old iPhone 6/7 to iOS 12 this fall? After experiencing Apple slow-down iPhone scandal this January, most of us iPhone old model users are still not 100% confident about the consequences relating to iOS 12 upgrade. Given that 9toMac has reported on the iOS 12 beta speed test in June with positive feedback, but, will our device be viciously slowed down in the last public version?

You should upgrade to iOS 12 if your old iPhone 5s/6/7 is shipped with the shittiest iOS 11 in history! Upgrade to iOS 12 to experience its uniqueness and if it does slow your device down even worse or you don’t need those features, downgrade from iOS 12 right away. But if your old device stays happily with iOS 10, don’t bother with iOS 12. Consider buying a new device if you insist catching up to it.

Instead of using iTunes, here I would recommend a better and safer iOS backup/restore tool – DearMob iPhone Manager – to escort your iPhone data during iOS 12 upgrade/downgrade as well as transferring contents from old iPhone to new iPhone.

DearMob iPhone Manager not only allows you to get an iPhone full backup but also back up specific iPhone data, such as photos, videos, music, contacts, ringtones, Podcast, books, SMS, bookmarks, App, and more. You can either backup/restore all data to save concerns or backup/restore selectively to filter out the unwanted. Certainly, you can get 100% rest assured that no data loss/replacement/erasing will happen!

Backup iPhone Photo Video and Restore

Photo and video are about two of the most important data on iPhone, they carry a lot of precious memories. Usually, photos and videos occupy large spaces on iPhone, if to backup photo and video with iCloud, it would take a very long time. And iTunes doesn’t support backup photos and video in camera roll individually. DearMob iPhone Manager provides an option to flexibly backup/restore photo video and transfer to new iPhone/downgraded iPhone at super fast speed.

How to backup iPhone photo video to computer

Step 1. Download and launch DearMob iPhone Manager, connect your iPhone with computer using an USB cable.

Step 2. “Trust This Computer” if this is the first time to connect your old iPhone to computer. Click “Photo” to backup iPhone photos, click “Video” to backup iPhone videos.

After connecting, you can find some information of your iPhone on DearMob iPhone Manager’s main UI, like battery health, memory size, iOS version.

Step 3. Choose the photos that you want to backup, or select all photos, click “Export”, then the photos can be transferred to computer.


How to restore backups to your iPhone

I bet you’ve noticed the “Add” icon when backup photos. Yes, it is used to restore the specified backup copies, here it is for photo.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer, “Trust This Computer”. Open DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 2. Click “Photo” to enter photo management. “Add” the backuped photos.

Step 3. Click “Sync” button to transfer photos back in place iPhone.

Backup iPhone Contacts and Restore 

Here I emphasis backing up iPhone contacts and restoring/transferring to new iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager because of its splendid contacts merging feature. For dual SIM card phone, it is very useful.

The steps to backup contacts to computer and restore to new iPhone are the same to backup iPhone photos. Therefore, I will go straightly to how to merge iPhone contacts.

Step 1. Connect the new iPhone to computer, “Trust This Computer”. Click “Contact” on the main interface of DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 2. Presuming that you have restored the contacts from computer to iPhone. And you inserted your SIM card. If there are duplicated contacts in your iPhone, you will see the highlighted numbers of same contacts.

Step 3. Click “Merge contact”, then you will be given the choices to “Merge All” or merge one by one. To merge one by one, you can pick one as the master contact, then click “Merge These”.

The feature to undo merging is very good. There might be the possibility that a mistake is made. Just roll up to the previous status (by one or all), you can correct it.

Step 4. Click “Sync” to transfer all the changes to new iPhone or your downgraded iPhone.

Another noticeable feature of DearMob iPhone Manager is the encryption to password protect your personal files, such as photo, video, contact individually.

Backup All iPhone Data and Restore All

The laziest way to backup/restore iPhone is to get a one-click full device backup/restore. And the operations are very simple too.

How to backup all iPhone data to computer

Step 1. Still, connect your iPhone to computer. Go into “Backup”.

Step 2. Click “Back Up Now” to start transferring all the iPhone data to computer. The time for backing up depends on the amount of data on your old iPhone.

There is an option to encrypt all your backups too, just like iTunes’. If you want to add a security layer to the backups, tick “Encrypt your Backup”. Make sure you remember the password you input here, if you lost, you will never get the backups to your iPhone again.

How to restore all backups to iPhone

Beside the “Backup your device” section, there is a “Restore backup files”. That’s what you need to get the backup copies on your computer to iPhone.

Step 1. Click “Restore backup files”, and tick the right copy you need to restore.

Step 2. Hit the button of “Restore Now”, wait a few minutes, the backup copies will be restored to your iPhone.

Above are two ways to backup your iPhone data and restore back to iPhone. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you don’t need to connect the Internet and wait long time to backup old data and restore to new iPhone. Free download on its official page.