Avoid These Six Mistakes with Your Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

Although time telling is their primary function, watches are far beyond than just that.Luxury and high-end watches are a display of intricate engineering. Additionally, they are a way to complete an outfit, an announcer of your personal style, and show your fashion taste. In light of that, a watch distinctly conveys your impression to everyone else around you. 

Here are some typical mistakes that you would want to avoid:

1. Clueless about what your watch is capable to do

First of all, you must know about all the possible features of your watch. After all, it is in those complications, design components, and unique structure that sets one watch apart from others.

The value of a watch is generally scaled on its dimension of complexity (notwithstanding design, heritage, aesthetics, and manufacturing). Thus, if you are roaming around town with a tourbillon, perpetual calendar or minute repeater, and are clueless about them, then you are actually missing the point. 

The most typical detailing is the chronograph, which lets the wearer quantify elapsed time. Then comes the GMT with which a watch can follow a second-time-zone. From this point, the complications reach an ever-increasing extent.

2. Getting it wrong in the evening

It is acceptable to wear your bracelet-strapped pilot’s watch during the daytime. This is what they are meant for (besides, of course, helping pilots estimate time and distance). However, when one wants to put it neatly, a dress watch is what completes an eveningwear look.Simplicity as a rule of thumb always works. Smooth leather straps, gold or silver cases, and downplayed dials are also worthy of your attention. Although the brand is less relative here, every brand does a dress watch. As long as the model meets the above standard, your tuxedo will, in any case, be praised by everyone you meet.

You can check the Luminor Due collection fromPanerai watches.This model has a redesigned case with a thickness of 10,50mm as well as a redesigned dial. TheLuminor Due did not give upPanerai’s DNA, like the classic crown protecting device with sealing lever, the typical Arabic numerals, and the multi-layer dial.

3. Splurging money

Premium, high-quality mechanical watches incur a great deal of cost. But the markup is moderately lesser because the mastery and unique materials that go into making a watch of such distinction are difficult to find. Whatever your budget may be, you can always discover something durable, attractive and worth folding around your wrist. If you are looking for something at the accessible end of the market, look into Farer, Casio, Skagen, and Nixon with each of them having their own specialty and aesthetic.

Watches mark a significant time at every level of your life. People build their collection of watches as they progress in their careers; where the next purchase is better and costlier than the last. In other words, if you cannot afford to buy Panerai at this moment, one day you may. Untilthat time, your wrist can still look great while you wait.

4. Wearing leather in the heat

Much the same as clothes, watches are occasional. In a similar sense that a stout chronograph does not have a place at a black-tie ball – the beach or the summer, in general, is the wrong spot for a smooth leather-strapped dress watch. In the hotter times of the year, you would be better off moving to something with a nato strap as the texture is significantly cozy. There are many watches, which have a changeable strap, so you probably would not need to purchase an entirely different one. Moreover, often, the swapping of a new strap can bring life to an old, out of season watch. Summer is here and you will often yourself on a beach, thus anything with a rubber or silicone strap will best fit the necessary qualities. They are usually found on sea-ready divers, so there is no need to stress over getting them wet or thumping them around a bit. Even better, they are less vulnerable to the impacts of the chlorine, salt water, and sand.

5. Not taking care of your watch

A couple of months earlier, a Rolex from 1942 brought near $2.5 million at an auction. The reason, you may ask? It was extremely elegant, super rare, and well ahead of its time in terms of technology. Additionally, it was exceptionally well maintained. Regardless of how much your watch is valued at, it is not everlasting and its inner functions will damage over the long run. Good quality watches have their worth too, so it is absolutely profitable keeping them fit as a fiddle with consistent maintenance and cleaning. Most manufacturers offer to service their watches, inasmuch as you have some way of verifying or a receipt of your watch. On the other hand, there are independent repair shops specked everywhere and they are consummately equipped for replacing glasses, fitting new parts, and refurbishing dials.

6. Wearing it wrong

Majority of men, for the most part, only know about the wrist they should wear their watch on. But, exact placement is also important. You need to ensure it is not underneath your wrist bone, excessively near your hand. Also, it should not either be too away from your arm. The watch must rest comfortably simply over the wrist bone.

7. Too many accessories

While a watch is an undying accessory, many others have also become prevalent in the due time. Cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, rings, belt buckles – all of these can accentuate a man’s outfit but there can be an overload. Remember that less is more and nothing else can beat the watch’s charm. It is the most accessible and relatable accessory. Although, you should match your watch with your belt, cufflinks, and shoes, just do not overdo it.

Irrespective of your affection to wristwatches, it is essential to have in mind the tips and downsides to keep your watch game at its very top – always smooth and running. A watch is a definitive timeless man’s accessory. They are going neither out of trend nor will they ever be useless.

Image Credits: Wrist Watch from Marko Marcello /Shutterstock