Autumn Weddings: Food without Blowing Budget

Autumn Weddings and food carnivals are in full swing, and our appetites are desiring new flavors! As summer fades to fall, so make the food decisions we manage to drift towards.

Summer combines lighter ingredients, smoothies, BBQ grilling choices, and superfood salads with every summer ingredient. Finally, however, fall prompts us that change is genuinely around the edge. The leaves turn colors and ultimately fall from the trees; the taste buds adjust to crave the autumn harvest.

Pumpkin may be the famous fall food celebrity, but everything delicious autumn fruits and vegetables is worth giving a shot. Seasonal food is fresher, less costly, rich in nutritional value, and more favorable to our environment.

From indulgent cheese boards to s’mores, cookie bars, and sticky toffee pudding, here are autumn wedding food concepts to get your taste buds creeping…

Wood-fired pizzas: Prepared in seconds, your guests will enjoy the smoky, luxurious flavors of pizza from a conventional wood-fired oven

Donut wall: This Instagram rage is way more attainable than you believe! A bit of peg, plywood, and paint, and your board is available – give it a reliable and fix up those Krispy Kremes!

Autumn Weddings

Chocolate fountain: Envelope your chocolate fountain with marshmallows, strawberries, and other delights for dipping. Skewers at the ready! Just be sure to keep plenty of serviettes handy… 

S’mores: Getting coupled at a venue with campfire pits? Why not gift every guest a s’mores kit as a wedding gift to get outdoor and toast over the fire.

Popcorn: The taste and smell of freshly popped popcorn are sure to provide any pangs of hunger.

Mulled cider: You can join all kinds of flavors to the warming beverage.

Mulled wine: More economical than Champagne, serve mulled wine at your beverages reception for a twist on ritual.

Cheese Buffet: With a cheese to satisfy every taste, with chutneys, crackers, grapes, and garnishes galore, your wedding cheese meal won’t just taste great; it’ll see too.

Toffee apples: Plan in a big bunch of sure nostalgic delicious treats to take your guests behind to their best recollections of Bonfire Night. Excellent for serving as your fireworks display begins…

Pork pies: Hearty, full-filling, and flavorsome, an assortment of pork and game pies will be a significant punch with meat-eaters.

Sausage and mash: Healthful and hot, the dish will satisfy all age groups.

Hot chocolate: Ignore pimping your prosecco; it’s all about pimping your cocoa alternately! Whipped cream, chocolate flakes, marshmallows all make delightful toppings.

Nachos: Melty, oozy, warm cheese, guacamole, salsa, and salty tortilla chips will be loving experience.

Fish and chips: Serve the assortment in a cone to act as canapés, or you may hire in a fish and chip trailer for your evening meal. It’s a sure-fire hit!

Sticky toffee pudding: Add this British classic to your sit-down wedding breakfast menu pronto.

Pumpkin pie: A big hit across the pond; if you haven’t tried this delicious dessert yet, you need to!

Autumn Weddings

Cookie bar: These won’t just be a favorite with the kids (although they will help to keep them entertained!)

Cake buffet: Why not ask your talented guests to bring a cake for a big day bake-off? It’ll add fun to your reception and act as another sweet course – win, win!

Crepes: Warm, soft, and filled with whatever you want, crepes are a winner with even the pickiest of eaters.

Whisky bar: Stocking up on spirits isn’t cheap, but it can often be more affordable than having your venue supply the booze instead.

Barbecue: Although there’s a high chance of rain, we still think a barbecue is worth considering for your autumn wedding. You can’t beat it!

Hog roast: Pulled pork and a crunchy piece of crackling is a great combo. You’ve got a marriage made in heaven right there. 

Seasonal soups: Autumn is all about the harvest, so why not glorify nature’s premium? Parsnip, pumpkin, or simple tomato soup with stocky sourdough loaves will go down a treat.

Chocolate truffles: Grown-up guests will enjoy the warming whisper of alcohol inside these chocolate goodies.

Apple juice: Embellishing glasses with elderflower, add sparkling water or sip it as it comes; apples are an iconic flavor of autumn, after all.

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