Authorized fan film and trailers

film and trailers

Fan film is a film or video that was inspired by another movie, while an authorized fan film is one made with authorization.  I’m sure we’ve all had one or two moments where we wanted to download a movie but got a completely different one, in terms of scenery, characters and quality and often the same storyline. Now, the internet, copyright and trademark protection, may have been reasons why a movie production house would authorize another body to make a fan film as an adaptation of the real one. But you have to agree that these fan films are usually very frustrating to see.

I’m not saying there aren’t some really good ones like the red dwarf and the smurfs animations. It might be the right, if not the best idea to curb piracy as well as preserve the trademark of a movie, but these fan films need to upgrade. Watch these movies online for free at 123MoviesHub.

People don’t just watch movies anymore, almost everyone has become a movie critic. And these criticism starts from the film’s trailer. Now, I remember when the trailer for Avengers infinity war dropped, I was one of the first people to fall for it. the advert literally showed how much work was put into the detailing of the movie, unlike fan films on the other hand. I know they have too much to worry about, to consider measuring up to a real movie. But also, it is important for fan filmmakers to try to upgrade. If I’m going to stream or download your film because of an honest mistake, you should make efforts to make it a memorable one.

I know  Fox- Studios and Paramount pictures have prosecuted fan productions in the past, but if these fan productions were made to add more effect to the real movie and maybe even, open up a new story-line, production houses like Paramount pictures might consider the opportunities in sponsoring their own fan-production.

I’d like to make some pointers that fan-production should look out for, especially through the creation of their own trailers. Everyone would like to taste a new drink to know how good it is before eventually buying into it. it’s the same with fan-films. So they need to make their own trailers because:

  1. It attracts a new audience; although, the audience might not be completely fresh; it lets the real fans of the original movie want to catch the new scoop on their favorite entertainment
  2. It going to check “creativity regulation”; a lot of production houses already feel cheated by the presence of internet making it easy for people to bring down their gains on a movie. If real trailers are made for fan-films, it might help bring down the war on “legit-creativity”.

Fan-films are meant to be hybrids. Not fully commercial and not fully alternative. But this doesn’t diminish the fact that the actors and production house still go through a lot of work to get these fan-films running. Now, fan-films would have to earn the respects of their new clients and maybe even, get fans films of their own. Any fan-film producer that learns the reasons for good trailers for his film, might just win the next originality award.