Audials Radio: the Swiss army radio app

Featuring more than 80 thousand global radio stations, Audials Radio iOS app is a must have for those audio listeners who strive to listen to music from around the globe. And not only music. The Audials Radio app also features radio talk shows and podcasts, making it one of the best music streaming apps available.

Audials Radio

Streaming is the number one way people get access to content nowadays. Be it movies, music, sports, or videogames; everyday, more and more apps give their users access to online content. Audials Radio pushes the envelope by not only letting its users gain access to but also record global radio stations as well as podcasts.

Unlike other streaming apps, Audials Radio is very user friendly. Once a user opens the appand selects which type of streaming he wishes to use: Be it radio, podcasts, or my music – which features music that you have saved and downloaded for offline listening – the Audials experience can start. You may enter the genre, artist, or podcast that you want to listen to and the app takes you to any radio station or broadcast that features the selected song.

Best of all, the app also works with AirPlay. Without losing a beat – both literally and figuratively – users can connect the app to their computers, speakers, or car radios and listen to their favorite radio stations from around the world. Audials Radio is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Being a free app, it’s the best device you can get on all your Apple devices.

Furthermore, if you find a song you like, you can download it and save it on a cloud service so you can listen to it later in offline mode. No longer do you need to suffer the hassle of searching for a song and then finding a torrent or program to download it. You can now save it and store it for later use.

Audials Radio also has other features exclusive to the app that make it one of the more appealing apps available. For starters, the app is commercial free. Yes, there are no banners anywhere on the app which helps with the user experience.

Secondly, the app also features a sleep timer and an alarm clock that can be programmed to work with your favorite radio station. You can let the app play and automatically switch off at a certain time or after a certain period. Then, you can program it to ring at different hours so you can use it as an alarm clock. It even has its own snooze button for those who need those five extra minutes after the first alarm rings.

So when you need a streaming app that features radio stations from around the world, podcasts, the ability to save songs, AirPlay connection, and several other features, download Audials Radio app for iOS. An easy to use app that you won’t regret having on your phone.

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