How to attempt Closing of Yelp Account: Easy Steps to Follow

How to attempt closing Yelp account, which, in turn, will remove reviews and pics posted by you, can be done easily using the following explained steps. You can even remove business’ moderator account from Yelp.

But, you must keep in mind that an account cannot be deleted from the Yelp mobile app. You can not even delete the business’ page from Yelp.

How to Attempt Closing of Yelp Account

  • Closing a Personal Account
  • Closing a Business Account

How to Attempt Closing of Yelp Account : Personal Account

Log into Yelp.

Get logged into Yelp account, go to in the computer’s web browser, and tap Log In, then enter the email address and password or select preferred method of logging in like Facebook.

Delete any reviews or images

While closing the Yelp account, Yelp will definitely remove the content, but it will take a while. For reviews or images removals immediately from the account, delete them before closing the account.
To delete reviews: Click profile icon, click About Me in the drop-down menu, tap the Reviews tab, and press Remove, placed next to a review.
To delete photos: Go to the business page where the photo are posted, select the photo in question, tap Edit caption, and press Remove.

Open the Yelp Account Closure page.

Go to in the web browser to open an online form.

Enter a reason for deleting the account.

Type a message into the text box below the “Closing your user account” heading.

Tap Send.

Tap red button below the text box to send reason to Yelp. Yelp will send a confirmation email to the registered email address which had been used to sign up for Yelp. While signing up for Yelp through Facebook or Google, the email address is used to log into Facebook or Google, respectively.

Open Yelp email account.

Go to the inbox of the email address to sign up for Yelp. You will get an email from Yelp in this account. Use Gmail will appear in the Social tab. The email may take a few minutes to reach. You may check Spam or Junk folder to find the email.

Open the email from Yelp.

Tap the “Yelp Account Closure Confirmation Request” email from Yelp to do so.

Tap confirmation link.

Link near the bottom of the email is just above the “Thank you” signature to take you to the confirmation page.

Tap Close Account.

Red button at the top of the page should be clicked to officially close the Yelp account.

Wait for the content to be deleted.

As confirmed by you to close the account, the data will begin to be deleted. This process does not happen all at once. All of the photos and reviews will be deleted from Yelp over the next week or so.

How to Attempt Closing of Yelp Account : Business Account

Understand the limitations.

Relinquishing control of the Yelp business account can be done. Removal of business listing from Yelp is a must step and will be taken care of by the Yelp.

Visit the business account closure.

Go to in the web browser. Delete business’ moderator account.

Enter the business’ details.

Type the business’ name into the “Business Name” text field, press the business’ city into the “Near” text field.

Find your business.

Click Search to the right of the business information fields, scroll the results until finding business’ page.

Click Select the business.

Select the Red button to the right of the business.

Fill out the unclaiming request form.

Enter the information for Yelp to have into the “Additional information” text box, then type the business account’s email address into the “Your Email Address” text field. Ensure to use the email address to sign up for Yelp.

Check the “I’m not a robot” box.

The box is near the bottom of the page to get prompted to play a minigame to prove user is not a robot before proceeding.

Tap Send.

Red button at the bottom of the page will send the form to Yelp.

Wait to be contacted.

Yelp will send a confirmation email to the user before removing the user access to the business account to prevent someone from removing the user access without user’s permission.

Confirm to remove the account access.

Open the email from Yelp as and when received from it, tap the link in the email and follow the additional prompts to delete the account.

Remember, user cannot remove business listing from Yelp.

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