Arranging Transportation to PR Events: Important Tips

PR Events

Arranging transportation for guests is one of the easiest ways to make the right impression on media professionals who may be attending your PR events. Potential guests might also be more willing to attend an event if transportation is provided for them.

Keep the following tips in mind when arranging transportation for PR event guests. Theyíll help ensure those who attend your event are likely to remember it as a positive experience.

Prioritize Safety!

This is the first tip on this list because itís likely the most important. When hiring drivers and limo companies to transport your guests to an event, thoroughly review their qualifications and background to confirm theyíre right for the job and donít have a significant history of accidents.

Your clientís reputation (as well as your own firmís) may suffer if guests are injured traveling to a PR event because their driver wasnít qualified. The consequences of an accident may be even greater if injured parties coordinate with personal injury law firms to seek compensation for their medical bills and related losses, which they are certainly justified in doing if they sustain injuries resulting from a driverís carelessness.

Consider Guests with Special Needs

Some of your guests may have limited mobility or other such issues that can impact whether a particular type of travel option is truly convenient for them. For example, rather than sending a traditional limousine, if a guest is in a wheelchair, you might instead send a vehicle designed to accommodate their needs.

In general, whenever possible, itís smart to offer a range of transportation options to guests. For example, some may be traveling as a team, and would prefer to take a bus that has space for all of them instead of traveling separately in individual limos or cabs.

Budget Accordingly

A PR professional reading this might understandably feel itís unrealistic to arrange transportation for every potential guest of every event they plan. Doing so can substantially increase the cost of an event.

You have to consider your budget when making plans. It may not be possible to provide every guest with luxury transportation options. Instead, review your list of guests for any VIPs who may be particularly worth spending money on. 

Let Guests Know About Their Options!

This may be a no-brainer for some, but for others, it can be an easy point to forget.

Often, PR firms offer arranged transportation as an option guests may take advantage of, but not necessarily a standard feature of the event. Because many PR events donít include transportation options, guests often donít know these options are even available to them when they receive information about an upcoming event they may attend.

When contacting guests, make sure you clearly notify them of their transportation options. Ensure any information guests need to schedule transportation is also clearly provided.

Choose Locations That Are Easy to Reach

You likely donít need to be told that itís important to account for such basic practical factors as travel time when making transportation arrangements for PR event guests. However, during the very early planning stages, itís also helpful to consider how your choice of venue will impact transportation.

Some venues may be more difficult to reach than others. Or, perhaps parking space at one venue is much more abundant than at another. The experience a guest has when being driven to your event will often be much more pleasant if you consider this factor when choosing a venue from the start.

Your job in PR involves impressing event guests. Arranging transportation for them is an easy way to do so. These tips will help.