Arguments For Making Your YouTube Channel Better

Arguments For Making Your YouTube Channel Better

A large percent of YouTubers prefer to avoid having arguments online. Unfortunately, this fear of intense discussions has no benefit. An evolving society needs to postulate theories and have them challenged by anyone.

If you would like to spice up your channel with some great topics, continue reading.

Note: This article supports neither side of the arguments presented in this post. They are explicitly written for educational purposes.

1. Gender

For decades, biology stated that there are two irreversible genders on planet earth. However, a new movement has begun to push the idea of “Transgender.”

Transgender people, are individuals who identify as a different gender. This new gender identity often differs from the one assigned by their genitalia.

For example, a child born with a male can later choose to identify as a female. This requires him to rely on medical procedures to make his body appear more feminine.

Other types of genders include:

●       Gender neutral

●       Non-binary

●       A gender

●       Pangender

●       Genderqueer

●       Two-spirit

●       Third gender

Many people around the world agree that gender is changeable. However, others label the action as “Gender Dysphoria.”

Gender Dysphoria is a condition where someone feels psychologically disconnected from his gender. In other words, men who feel that they are women have gender Dysphoria – according to the other side of the argument.

You can proceed to speak your thought about the matter politely. But, make sure you are confident in your debate skills.

However, if you fear you might lose your subscribers, you can create neutral content. Neutral content allows you to talk about a subject without offending anyone. The best form of unbiased content is comedy.

Note: Please research thoroughly on the topic before expressing your opinion. It is important.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a science that gives machines the ability to mimic the natural intelligence of either a human or an animal. Many experts believe that this technology holds the key to an efficient future. At the same time, skeptics emphasize the destructive potentials of the machine.

Many people fear that A.I will go rogue and become a threat to humanity. However, other people fear that they might pose a higher risk to corporate employees.

Statistics from FinancesOnline reveals that “16% of U.S. jobs may be replaced by technologies like machine learning, A.I., robots, and automation by 2025”.

You can capitalize on the growth of A.I and create content that expresses your opinion.

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3. Racism

Racism is the belief that every member of a race is superior or inferior due to specific characteristics. In other words, a white man living in America will get more access to privileges than any other race.

This racial bias resulted in an anti-racism movement consisting of diverse races.  These races join together and dedicate their time and energy to create a world free of prejudice.

You can use this opportunity to raise your YouTube channel by giving your opinion on racism. Remember that you’ll have to tread on this topic lightly because it is a delicate subject.

Also, several counter-arguments attribute the poor lifestyle of other races to culture. These cultural activities include gunfights, drug trade, low graduation rates, and many more.

4. Flat Earth Vs Globe Earth

It might be hard to believe, but a reasonable amount of people think that the Earth is flat, not round. Even a survey by YouGov revealed that “only 66 percent of millennials believe that we live on a round Earth”.

In other words, 34 percent of millennials either believe the Earth is flat, or are unsure of the Earth’s shape.

The flat Earth is a concept that depicts the planet as a flat disk or plane, rather than a rotating sphere. Many cultures accepted the flat Earth model for decades until it was removed in the 17th century. However, a new movement has begun performing experiments to revive the flat Earth.

This rising movement is an excellent opportunity to mock the subject on your channel. Alternatively, you can encourage your audience to think outside the box with questions.

5. E-sport

Esports is a type of sport where the players compete on video games instead of physically. These sports are events consisting of players who compete as a team or individuals.

Some Gamers and a few individuals consider this sport to be on par with regular jobs. It requires intense competitive format, coordination, and high skill requirements to be successful. Also, the gameplay of video gaming has shifted from a leisure activity to a competition.

However, some critics believe that esports players aren’t worth a salary. One reason is that “they’re getting paid to do a recreational activity.” Besides obesity, which a gym can fix, their sport has no significant health risk.

You can take this opportunity to express your opinion and raise the relevance of your channel as well.

Final Thoughts

These five topics above will undoubtedly result in a heated debate. However, ensure to select the one that’ll most likely appeal to your audience. A study from think with google revealed that people prefer videos in their field of interest. Ensure you fully research the topic before proceeding to discuss it on your channel. Any wrong move might be detrimental to your reputation.