Are You Looking For The Best Type Of Multimeter?


Nowadays, the use of multimeter has become very common. Multimeters measure resistance, voltage and current and it is a useful tool used in various types of electrical works. Professional electricians are the common user of the multimeter. There are two types of multimeters including digital and analog multimeters. Digital multimeters are available in a wide range among which fluke multimeter is very popular. In digital multimeters, there are two power sources, one is AC called alternating current and the other is DC called direct current.

What are the types of multimeters?

  • Digital multimeters: This meter is also called DMM/DVOM. It is the most commonly used multimeter because of its new and smart features.
  • Fluke digital multimeters: It is a type of digital meter which is mainly used for computing and calibrating currents and volts. There are two more types of digital meters which are digital clamp multimeters and autoranging multimeters.
  • Analog multimeters: This meter uses a micrometer in which a scale and a pointer is located which moves in the voltage value. You need to have skills to note the reading from this multimeter. It is generally used by the traditional and experienced electricians.

What are the main advantages of using digital multimeters in the place of analog meters?

Digital multimeters and analog multimeters are most commonly used in every electrical need but digital multimeters are very helpful for the electricians because it is known that digital multimeters are smarter than analog meters.

Get accurate results: The first main advantage of using a digital multimeter is that it displays the accurate results. Generally, an analog meter cannot display the actual and accurate voltage display but the digital multimeters provide more accurate voltage readings. So, an electrician is more likely to use digital meters instead of using analog meters. If you are using this device, it will help you to check the readings easily because it displays the results in numbers as compared to analog meters, which display the scales value.

Auto ranging: In this type of multimeters, there is a special feature called auto range” in it.  In this, the technicians don’t need to worry about any changes in the inbuilt settings of multimeters for voltage measurements. The digital multimeters are fully automatic so it will do all the measurements by itself. Digital meters are much handy and easy to use than analog meters because analog meters are very risky for those users who have eye sight problems.

No damage due to opposite polarity: If you are a user of analog meters and if you place the probes in the wrong adapters, the analog meter gets broken or damaged but nowadays the technology presents the new digital multimeters which cannot break or damage with opposite polarity. So, use digital multimeters in the place of analog multimeters because digital meters come with new and advanced features. The digital multimeters are more expensive than analog multimeters but it is a good investment because it is easy to operate or use.

Image Credits: Multimeter from jcm32/Shutterstock