Are You a Vape Smoker? Here are Three Tips for a Better Vape Experience

Vape Smoker

Vape pens have quickly ascended to the must-have accessory of the decade. Originally designed and marketed for cigarette users who wanted a safer way to smoke, vape technology has rapidly improved over the years. 

Like any accessory, though, vape pens vary significantly in quality and experience. While it?s tempting to buy the cheapest option out there, spending a little extra on one that looks great and works the way you want it to will pay off when you are still using it months and years down the line. 

If you?re new to vaping?or even if you?ve been at it for a while?you might be unsure as to what you should be looking for in quality hardware. Look for these three things the next time you go to stock up on some vape supplies, and we promise you?ll never want to go back to the way you did it before.?

#1 Airway Technology

A lot of technology goes on under the surface of a vape pen that doesn?t meet the eye. Yet, it?s one of the most crucial vape parts because it dictates how the smoke filters through and gets to you. 

So it only makes sense that the more advanced the internal technology, the better the smoking experience. 

Certain brands, such as RELX, pride themselves on having top-of-the-line airway technology and are worth the extra money you?ll spend.  

#2 Long-Lasting Charger

There?s nothing worse than having a device, like a phone or air pods, that dies just as soon as you go to use it. Or when you spend hours charging a device, only to have it turn off again in a fraction of the time. 

Vapes are no different and should also reflect your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. As a transportable accessory, its battery should last you all day, so it?s ready to go as soon as you?re ready for a hit. 

Make sure you check out reviews and packaging for battery life information before you buy. Anything with 12 hours or more of battery life should serve you well. 

#3 High-Quality Nicotine 

Isn?t it unpleasant (not to mention embarrassing) when you take a hit that sends you into an uncontrollable coughing fit? Nearly every vape pen smoker has experienced this at least once and probably isn?t keen on experiencing it again. 

Luckily, this sort of thing is entirely avoidable if you?re a tad selective about the ingredients you?re consuming.  Remember, the ingredients you put into your vape pen are also going into your body, so best to go for high quality only. 

One way to prevent such instances is by selecting high-quality pod vape juice. The ingredients used in your vape juice play a crucial role in determining the smoothness of each hit, emphasizing the importance of opting for top-quality ingredients to ensure a pleasant and satisfying vaping session.

Not only does higher quality nicotine make for a smoother, more enjoyable hit, but it also understandably has better health outcomes

Vape pens and e-cigarettes are beneficial when completely replacing regular cigarettes in an adult smoker?s daily smoking routine. Of course, this claim only holds true insofar as the nicotine put into the vape pen is higher quality and less potent than the regular cigarettes the adult smoker was consuming before.  

If you don?t want to compromise your health for the relaxing effects of smoking a vape pen, go out of your way to make sure you are only purchasing the highest quality nicotine with none of the icky excess ingredients that might cause harm to your lungs. 


Vaping has benefited so many people by offering a lighter smoking alternative to cigarettes with all the same relaxing side effects. Before you reach for the pen, though, do a little research and make sure you purchase the best for yourself. Your throat will thank you!