Are We Yet To See the Best of Modern Technology Advancement?

Modern Technology

Mobile advancement started not long ago. The ability to stream high quality and large media over phone began from 2005. Before 2006, Netflix video streaming never existed. The ability to stream all sorts of media over a smartphone is threatening the existence of movie cinemas. I am a lover of the internet, and I spend a lot of time reading new and upcoming discoveries in the world of technology. I can confidently assure you that more is yet to come.

5G Network is not yet fully official and available to all, but there is already research for 6g Network. I never thought there would come better networks than the upcoming 5G. It is an improvement of up to three times the strength of 4G Network and somewhat not enough? Maybe with time, it will get sluggish as our familiarization grows, but I can’t wait to get starting using the 5G Network.

A Closer Look at the 5G Network

The 5G enabled smartphones might be the devices set up to knock out of existence Wi-Fi routers. The speed is overwhelming, and nothing about its usage seems a lag behind. For those still asking about the average connection speed of 5G Network, it averages at 1GBps. That means downloading a movie will only take a few seconds. For essay writers, research will never get this simple. The rate will enable you to carry an enormous amount of data which many mobile manufacturers have been incorporating in phones. The over 128GB storage phones will help you store loads of data without the need for additional drives.

Smartphones are now fused with reliable processors and huge ram to ensure speedy flow and no hanging. In the US, Verizon became the first high tech company to provide the 5G Network. The coverage is not accessible in all parts of the country as only several parts of Chicago enjoy this modest network generation in the world. The phones supporting the net are very few at the moment, but we can expect more in the coming year.

By 2020, many parts will be covered with the fifth-generation connectivity, and the 4G and 3G networks will be available all over. The highest recorded speed of 5G in Chicago is 1.4GBps. The cost is likely to put off many people from accessing the excellent services of the Network. More so is the expense of smartphones that are built to support the Network.

Which Phones Support the Modest 5G Network?

Since its launch in the US on April 2019, only two phones are made to support the tech in the country. There are several phones also available, but their ability to offer 5G connection is restricted by location. The two phones in the US that are 5G enabled are;

In the UK, there is a choice of five to pick from which includes;

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
  • Oppo Reno 5G
  • OnePlus 7 Pro 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
  • LG V50 ThinQ 5G

In Australia, only two of the three brands are accessible directly from the store;

You will be required to make an arrangement with Telstra to secure the services of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The phone’s price is high, but with the services you are buying them for, they are in many ways worth the amount spent.

Are There Factors To Get Concerned About 5G Network?

There have been lots of concerns over the health risks posed by the fifth-generation Network. Many of the fears arrive after a closer look at the frequency of the radiations that power the Network. It is more than ten times the existing frequency of 4G Network, which maximizes at 5GigaHertz. It is well known that the higher the frequency of radiation, the greater the danger posed to the living being.

I do not want to water the claims as I have seen citations from universal health organization bodies supporting the evidence of danger. But many high tech companies have gone ahead to refute the claim calling for differentiation between accuracy and precision. Tech companies feel that those claiming the frequency to be carcinogenic should come with irrefutable evidence. I also think that there should be hazards assertion regarding a real-world context. Research in radiation dangers is hard and not conclusive. It may, therefore, take longer than we expect.

All in all, we are always guaranteed that researchers will continue giving their all to ensure we use safe gadgets.

As of now, there are no 5G alarms to be concerned with. The hazards are low – but not zero – and the real world effect tends to be zero. There are even some technologies in use with higher health risks than the 5G Network.