Apple Pencil: Only 3 Apps get more out of Pen

Apple Pencil is even more usable with apps. The Apple Pencil is even more functional with apps. Do more with your Pencil. A few apps are enough to use the pen as profitably as it is intended.

Not the iPad, but one of its accessories is the secret star among the fans. And although the Pencil alone already offers some advantages, you can use the practical tool even more optimally with the right applications. With at least three Pencil apps, you can get more out of your use.

Connect Apple Pencil to iPad? It’s so easy.

Apple Pencil: These apps make it even easier to use

Apple’s digital pen is not used for input, but it can be particularly beneficial for notes, and creative work as the following three Pencil apps show. They are not always free, but they can be worthwhile as a one-off purchase.

Apple Pencil App # 1: MyScript Stylus – Handwriting Keyboard
What works with the finger is much better with the pen. The Pencil app “MyScript Stylus” simulates a keyboard with a field where you can enter notes by hand or in block letters. Additional gestures with which you can separate, cross out or connect words make the writing experience even more extensive. The application should also be particularly suitable for more extended notes.

Apple Pencil App # 2: Whink
The Apple Pencil app “Whink” offers a different type of note-taking. In addition to regular writing, you can use it to record while reading a document or watching a video. This also means that PDFs can be marked and audio recordings made. Besides, an integrated iMessage message function offers the option of sending drawings directly.

Apple Pencil App # 3: Procreate
If you don’t want to write but rather draw, you can do this very extensively with the Pencil app “Procreate”. It allows the professional creation of graphics on your iPad and offers a diverse selection of start types. These can also be calibrated in terms of thickness, colour, colour coverage and other details. By the way, there is the “Procreate Pocket” variant for your iPhone.

Isn’t that enough for you? Then take a look at other apps that are available for your iPad. Of course, you don’t have to work with the Apple pen either. There are some excellent Pencil alternatives out there that are also cheaper than the original.