Apple iPhone with record sales in the fourth quarter of 2020

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According to the current market report for the fourth quarter of 2020, the Apple iPhone posted record sales of 81.8 million units, making it first among all smartphone manufacturers worldwide. According to the latest data, the Apple iPhone 12 has been a hit.

Apple iPhone a complete success

Experts say that the Apple iPhone 12 is a hit and the Californian company is better positioned than its competitors in 5G.

According to experts, Apple was taking smart steps to increase sales and profitability. The absence of a power plug in the sales box, a reduction in weight and size led to more efficient logistics costs. Also, channel-oriented growth initiatives have been implemented for small and medium-sized companies, strengthening the demand for all iPhone models.

According to different reports, smartphone shipments fell two per cent in the fourth quarter of 2020 in the middle of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The second wave took a significant toll, but the industry was prepared for the impact compared to the first wave.

The Apple iPhone landed in the first place, followed by Samsung with 62.0 million units, Xiaomi with 43.4 million smartphones, Oppo with 34.7 million units and Vivo with 32.1 million units. Using YouTube and Instagram applications for marketing growth on the iPhone is a perfect plan.

Total sales amounted to 359.6 million smartphones and are 2 per cent less than in the fourth quarter of 2019. Apple could expand its market share by four per cent to 23 percent, while the fiercest competitor Samsung had to cope with a decline of 12 percent to 17 percent. The Chinese climber Xiaomi recorded a significant increase in its market share by 9 percent to 12 percent.

The providers have already gained experience with virtual presentations, and channel meetings, such as device checks can now be carried out conveniently over the Internet. In some cases, smartphones are used to facilitate work in the home office and distance learning. The smartphone industry’s mood is festive despite certain risks such as the economic effects of the Corona crisis.

One billion active Apple iPhone users worldwide

As CEO Tim Cook reports, the company now has one billion active Apple iPhone users worldwide for the first time. The total number of active devices rose from 1.5 billion to 1.65 billion, a significant year-over-year increase.

A record number of active iPhone users

According to Tim Cook, the number of active Apple iPhone users is 1 billion, as he reported in Reuters’ interview. Compared to 2019, this corresponds to an increase of 100 million users.

Two of the three best-selling smartphones found buyers in urban China, Cook said. Numerous other products and services also posted good sales. The change from Android users to iPhones and existing customers switched to a current iPhone.

Apple’s online services

In October, Apple started combining its online services, including Apple Music and iCloud, into the Apple One bundled offer. With AppleOne, customers pay a monthly subscription fee and receive access to the services it contains.

Despite the corona pandemic, Apple has set impressive records. The company is posting sales of over 100 billion US dollars for the first time in the Christmas quarter and the stock market value climbing to a new record high of more than 2.4 trillion US dollars. The company has been booming for years and is investing billions in new services such as Apple TV Plus, the self-driving electric car Apple Car, health and artificial intelligence.