AnyUnlock- The Essential Tool to Help If You Forget iPhone Password

Forget iPhone Password

Your iPhone being stuck on the Apple ID screen is one of the common issues amongst the users of this smartphone. Luckily, there are now some apps to help you deal with these issues and fix them on your iOS-based device. Here we talk about one of these apps.

When it comes to data security, Apple is extremely cautious and this can be seen in their devices. However, there is a downside to these extra security features. One of the examples is a second-hand iPhone that you buy from someone. If the user has not removed their Apple ID from the device, it will keep prompting you to enter the ID.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, you will want to remove the Apple ID from the iPhone no matter what. While there are certainly some official methods to do it, those are not without issues and they hardly work. You do not have to go through that way, though, if you use a third-party app.

Enter AnyUnlock, a newly released app that allows you to get rid of almost all types of locks on your iPhone and iPad devices. The sole purpose of this app is to help you remove your Apple ID and various other locks from your iPhone. There are simple wizard-style screens you need to go through to get your iPhone unlocked. The following are some of the features this app has to offer.

Remove Apple ID from Your iPhone

If you have bought an iPhone from someone but they have not removed that device from their account, your iPhone will keep asking you to enter their Apple ID. One of the ways to get rid of that issue is to remove the Apple ID from your iPhone by yourself.

Delink the current Apple ID from your iPhone

AnyUnlock offers a feature called Unlock Apple ID that helps you do just that. All you basically need to do is to connect your iPhone to your computer, select that option, and the app will remove the Apple ID associated with your device. That is all it takes.

It works on almost all iPhones and iPads and has support for all iOS versions.

Disable Screen Passcode on Your iPhone

Screen passcode is what you use to unlock your iPhone and access the contents on it. While it is highly unlikely you will ever forget this passcode, in case you end-up forgetting it for whatever reason, AnyUnlock can help you to remove the passcode from your iPhone.

AnyUnlock supports four types of passcodes which include four and six digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Apple’s famous Face ID. No matter which of these protection features you use on your iPhone, you can use one of AnyUnlock’s features to get the passcode removed from your device.

Reset the screen passcode on your iPhone

What the passcode removal process basically entails is putting your iPhone into recovery mode and then using an option in the app. It then starts removing the passcode and lets you know when it is done. However, keep in mind that the existing data stored on your iPhone will be erased during the passcode removal process. You may want to make a backup of your data before you do it.

Once your existing passcode is removed, you can then go ahead and set up a new passcode of your choice on the iPhone. That will be the passcode for your device then.

Get Rid of the Screen Time Passcode from Your iPhone

Screen Time is a feature on the iPhone that allows you to limit the usage of your device. With this feature, you can define what apps are allowed to be used and for how long on your phone. When a user exceeds the limit, the feature throws them out of that application.

In order to protect the Screen Time settings and to avoid getting them modified, your iPhone lets you use a Screen Time passcode. This is what helps you get entry into the Screen Time modifications panel. AnyUnlock helps you remove this Screen Time passcode as well from your iPhone, in case you ever forget it.

Remove the Screen Time passcode from your iPhone

It is easy to forget your Screen Time passcode if you have not used it in a long time. With AnyUnlock’s Screen Time passcode removal feature, you do not need to worry or panic about forgetting the code. The app lets you reset it on your device without much effort.

Once you have used AnyUnlock to remove the Screen Time passcode, you can then set up a new passcode of your choice.

Find Saved Passwords on Your iPhone

In order to save time and to speed things up, users tend to save their passwords and various other information on their iPhones. It is highly likely your email account logins, WiFi passwords, and your credit card info are stored on your iOS device. If you ever lose access to these details, AnyUnlock can help you retrieve these passwords from your iPhone.

The iOS Password Manager feature in the app allows you to scan your device for saved passwords and retrieve them to your computer. It deeply scans the full system of your iPhone, finds the passwords that you are looking for, and gives you an easy to use interface to access those passwords. All of that happens within the blink of an eye and there are no longer loading times.

Retrieve saved passwords on your iPhone

The types of information you can retrieve with this feature of AnyUnlock include WiFi passwords, website logins, app logins, email account passwords, Apple ID details, and your credit card info. The app securely retrieves this data so you are assured your data is not leaked anywhere.

Decrypt iTunes Backups for Your iPhone

When you create a backup of your iPhone with iTunes, the app allows you to encrypt the contents of your backup with a password. This is to ensure unauthorized users do not get access to your confidential data. In some cases, you must enable encryption or iTunes will not store certain data in your backups.

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not need encryption for your iTunes backups, AnyUnlock has a feature to decrypt your iTunes backups. This feature does not delete or modify the contents of your backup and it only removes the encryption that has been applied to your backup by iTunes.

Remove encryption from your iTunes backups

You will want to decrypt your backups when you no longer wish to keep them encrypted. You may also want to do it if you have forgotten the password for your backups. AnyUnlock will take care of that for you and remove the encryption from your iTunes backups for you.

Recover iTunes Backup Passwords

One of the dreadful situations any iPhone user can fear of is forgetting the password for your iTunes backup. If you enable the encryption option for your backup and then you forget the password for that backup, you will not be able to restore it on your iPhone or any other device. Until and unless you supply iTunes with the password for that backup, there is no chance you are getting your data back.

That is where one of AnyUnlock’s features helps you out. It has something called iTunes Backup Password Recovery that lets you recover the password for your iTunes backups. It might sound a bit surprising but it can indeed recover the forgotten passwords for your backup files.

Find the password for your iTunes backups

All you need to do is tell the app where your backups are saved and what backup you want to recover the password for. You then need to choose a method to crack your backup password and then leave it to AnyUnlock to perform its magic.

Within a few minutes, you should be able to recover the password for your backup. The password will be displayed on your screen and you can copy it to your clipboard.


Regardless of what lock type is preventing you from using your iPhone, AnyUnlock will help you get rid of any lock from your iOS-based devices including iPhone and iPad. With an app like this available, you do not have to worry about your phones getting locked.