5 Answers to Most Commonly Asked Questions If You’ve Been Injured During Construction

There are common questions you’ll find yourself asking if you’ve been injured during construction. Sometimes you may not be in a position to know what to do, especially if you don’t have the legal knowledge. 

Here are the five answers to most commonly asked questions if you’ve been injured on a  construction site.

1) What Are the Steps to Starting the Process for Compensation for My Construction Site Accident?

Construction injury claim is different but there are some steps you can take to file your claim. These steps include:

·      – Enter details in your employer’s record book. It is advisable that you jot down the details yourself. If another person is entering the details, make sure they are correct.

·      – Record names, addresses or telephone numbers of those who may help you as eyewitnesses.

·      – If you can, take photographs of the accident scene.

·      – Organize and jot down all details about the accident as soon as possible.

·      – Take photographs for all your visible injuries.

·      – Seek medical attention. Always follow all the guidelines your doctor will tell you. Failure may impact your case negatively.


2) What are the Common Injuries Suffered on a Construction Site?

There are tons of potential hazards you can face on a construction site. Rushed production schedules, heavy equipment, and dangerous or poisonous chemicals can lead to your employees’ or supervisor’s injuries.

OSHA has come to conclude that you can get hurt on the site are as a result of:

·      – Electrical hazards

·      – Excavation cave-ins

·      – Exposure to dangerous materials

·      – Falls etc.


Inasmuch as you can be compensated for your injuries, you need to take care of yourself. Remember, there are some injuries that even compensations will not be able to settle. For example, when you break your leg, it will be impossible to replace it, no matter what amount of compensation.


3) What is OSHA?

OSHA means Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It enacts and enforces rules that guide workplace health safety. This is done to prevent workplace injuries, illness or deaths.


4) If I’m Injured While Working on a Construction Site, Can I Get More Than Just a Worker’s Compensation?

 In states like Minnesota, recovery can be limited against your employer. Though, other parties can be liable for your injuries, including equipment manufacturers, party contractors, and property owners.

It is therefore safe that you be more keen when working on a construction site, especially if you’re from states like Minnesota, where it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get more than just a workers’ compensation.


5) Who is Liable If a Person is Injured By Debris from a Construction Site While Walking on a Public Sidewalk Next to that Site?

In some cases, you may be able to recover damages from the company. It is the duty of the construction company  to keep the area safe; free from bricks, or other debris. If the construction company fails to clear the site free from these objects, the company should be liable. Additionally, the construction companies should put a notice to pedestrians informing them of the danger. Putting a notice isn’t enough. The company should put barriers to the debris. \

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the frequently asked questions and their answers, you should now know what to do in case of an accident or what to expect.


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