Angel Amplifiers Influencers Program: Top 10 Things You should know.

Influencers Program

Angel broking have come up with an online platform for influencers by the name of Angel Amplifiers. The initiative has been taken to associate with influencers for promoting financial literacy. It is an excellent opportunity for influencers to expand their reach and make an extra income source. Any influencer with the active followers on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube can apply for association with the Angel Amplifiers Program.

We have seen a surge of influencers campaign in the online marketing space, and AngelBroking , being a stalwart in the stock broking industry, took the initiative of giving its deserved space in the influencer market. If you are an influencer who has worked hard to build a follower base, you earn another Content Marketing platform.

Here the Top ten things you need to know about the Angel amplifiers program:

It’s an Indigenous Platform

We have seen the rise of most popular online platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram from the United States, and TikTok from China. It was high time that an Indian platform for influencers should have come into the arena. Angel Amplifiers, wholly developed by an Indian company, is the indigenous platform that was needed to build a community of influencers.

First Stock Market Platform

The platform will also be used for spreading awareness about investment among the youth. It will also promote financial products and services.

Content Help

The Angel amplifiers program will provide active support and tools to influencers for content creation, and they will have access to a content library for learning both about stock market as well as influencer marketing.

A Simple User Interface

Angel Amplifiers is equipped with a simple User Interface and User Experience. The influencers associated with the platform will get an overview of important information like Total views, Overall engagement, Leads, Total Conversions, and generated revenue.

Meet the industry Stalwarts

As an influencer with the Angel Amplifiers program, you will be getting the chance to meet the management of Angel Broking regularly, it is a wonderful opportunity to build a solid network with the big shots of the stockbroking sector.

Transparent & Quick Payment Mechanism

The information about the accumulated amount and payment methods are tracked through the dashboard visible to the influencer. Hence no follow ups.

Curated Offers

The platform will provide active curated offers to the influencers to choose from. This will help in choosing the content as per your knowledge level.

Clear Brand Briefs & easily downloadable assets

Influencers will get  campaign briefs & digital assets required to produce the content in form of downloadable assets. This will assist the influencers in knowing about the brand and the products so they can focus more on content development.


The platform provides the influencers with the opportunity to collaborate with other top influencers from Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook. They can also get training from the popular influencers of these platforms.

How To Associate With The Platform

If you want to Get Started with Angel Amplifiers, you can register at their website or download the app from the playstore. For more information check out this Video.

It is a great opportunity for influencers to get their hands on another platform to share their talent and learn more about financial investment and products.