And you forgot backing up Mac to External Hard Drive


It’s always best to have a good backup, but what if once you forgot and you don’t have anything saved. This post we have covered all the possible ways to get your data back, with many data duplicated that you already have in your system or may be online.

The first thing is to keep your calm, Mac have some great ways to escape from your hell situation, where no data is been backed up. We don’t guarantee to get it all, but we have certain places to find and certain things that would be certainly be returned to you as it is.

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1. Email messages

If you have a IMAP based service for your email, then there is nothing to be worried about as all your email messages are on server and they can be downloaded back to your new system or a replacement. You will just need to have information of your IMAP email accounts, enter those in your email client or web-mail system and all emails wil be returned in a flash.

2. iCloud Sync

Using iCloud for your email, reminder, calendar and bookmarks is a very good idea, if you do save all your stuff there, than with just few clicks on your repaired or new PC you can sync it back. Go to System Preferences > iCloud. When you sign in to your account on iCloud you can select option where it says Contacts, Safari, Calendar and Reminders. You will get things back.

3. Cloud Services

With Dropbox, Google Drive its now possible to use your files anywhere, on any computer, with just signing in. Using dropbox in school and using google drive for work or with many collaborators. All the files will be there in the cloud and you can access them at will.

4. Purchases from iTunes

One of the best services from Apple is iTunes, any purchased music, app, movie etc can be downloaded again from your account purchases. So there should be no hassles in downloading them. Also if you have a subscription from iTunes match , which comes in yearly form then can download any music you’ve either matched or uploaded.

5. iPhone and its data

Your phone have some very big part in getting your photos and music. As soon as you connect the iPhone from your new computer or a repaired one it will ask to fetch all the photos, but for the music we have to get some externam help as music from iPhone can’t be copied with simple techniques. We recommend a tool i.e Ecamm Network which is paid ($29.95) but it does the trick, by fetching all songs from your iPhone device.

So for the next time you should now probably have a external backup to be safe. But still things do happen and online backing up of data is a boon in Cloud computing.