An Introduction to GB WhatsApp APK

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GB WhatsApp APK is the modded version of most popular text messing WhatsApp. The only difference that GBWhatsApp as well as Official version of WhatsApp has is the features. Like GBWhatsapp has with a lot of useful features which the official version of WhatsApp lacks. Like utilizing the GBWhatsApp you will be able to hide your last seen, blue tick, your online status as well as so on.

GBWhatsapp is also well-known as Whatsapp+ GBWhatsapp has entire Plus Features of Whatsapp plus APK like Privacy Mod, Hiding Last Seen (Most Famous), Theme Mods (Working and many more. Features list is not stopped yet however some of the Fabulous. Now Whatsapp Calling as well as Upload Videos & Image with High Quality in Stories Features is Active In GbWhatsapp.

Using of this you might modify the Theme of Whatsapp App as well as also modify the Icon as well as Notifies Icon. Before so many months ago Users have an Account Banning Issues, However GbWhatsapp APK is Anti Ban App / Ban Proof APK. This GbWhatsapp sure your account is not banned anymore as well as GB Whatsapp is protected, Trust-able as well as Ads free application. We separately utilize this Application.


GBWhatsApp is a mod for WhatsApp developed by Has.007, a superior XDA member and this mod is based on WhatsApp Plus, a mod that has been closed by WhatsApp. This mod ensures you to customize WhatsApp in terms of appearance as well as features. GBWhatsapp is a WhatsApp add-on that lets you use two diverse phone numbers concurrently on the same Smartphone. It gives access to countless new features. And improves the already existing ones as well. GBWhatsapp mod APK was developed by the GB Mods by Atnfas Hoak.

WhatsApp has several features; it lacks the customization which many users might want. There are several restrictions in the app as well as a user cannot customize the app according to his preference. If you are somebody who wants to adapt WhatsApp, then there is a solution for you – GBWhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp is the replica for the Original WhatsApp. This have bunch of features which is not obtainable at Official one. That is why day by day GB WhatsApp becoming more accepted.


  • GBWhatsApp APK has an auto-reply feature. The feature ensures you to reply to the messages automatically.
  • GBWhatsApp has entire innovative Android Oreo Emojis.
  • Comes with the DND mode. The DND mode will aid you to disable the internet connection to the GB WhatsApp app.
  • Ensures you to add effects to the images and videos before sending it.
  • GBWhatsApp ensures you to send up to hundred documents at once.
  • GB WhatsApp APK ensures you to make calls to the unknown numbers.
  • You may opt groups for which you want to enable the auto media download features.
  • GB WhatsApp lets you save other stories.
  • GBWhatsApp ensures you to hide your last seen, blue ticks, second tick as well as so on.


  • Primary, you have to download the GB WhatsApp APK file on your Smartphone. So simply tap on the download button as well as you got it.
  • Once you are performed downloading the app. Just tap on it to install the application.
  • Once the installing procedure starts, you have to tap on the Install button. Now wait for a while as help let your Smartphone to install the GBWhatsApp APK.
  • Once GBWhatsApp is installed you will obtain to see an Open button. So simply tap on it as well as now you are all set to use it.