Amazon’s Alexa tells when Security Camera sees a Person or Package

New person and package statements for Ring, Google Nest, and Abode cameras arrive at Echo intelligent speakers. In addition, Amazon’s Alexa can now notify you when your Ring, Google Nest, or Abode camera sees someone.

Alexa holds always had aspirations to be a digital butler, and today, it’s getting nearer to that goal.

Amazon’s voice assistant can now notify you when there’s a person or package at your video doorbell or security camera. Likewise, a brilliant Echo display or Fire TV can show you who or what is, thereby automatically dragging up a live video feed.

The new feature will function with video doorbells and security cameras from Google Nest, Ring, and Abode. In addition, more brands potentially add the ability appreciation to a new API from Amazon.

Amazon says that person detection information is rolling out to all Ring video doorbells and cameras. In addition, it will be coming soon to the Nest Cam Floodlight, Nest Doorbell (battery), Abode IOTA, Google Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, and Abode Outdoor Camera.

You can also put up an Alexa Routine based on the new detection elements, such as controlling an intelligent lock, turning on a porch light, or triggering the sprinklers on a potential intruder.

Echo Show devices such as the Echo Show 10 can automatically pull up a live feed while a compatible camera detects a person or package.

Package detection is first obtainable on the Ring Video Doorbell 2020 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and is coming to Abode’s IOTA and Outdoor cameras, but not to the Google Nest cameras, even though the Nest doorbells do maintain package detection of their own.

These associations are part of a new Object Detection Sensor API Amazon has released that allows camera manufacturers to add this functionality to their devices.

If the camera manufacturer charges a person or package detection fee, you will require to pay that for the feature to work. For instance, ring users will need a Ring Protect plan (from $3 a month) and an Abode plan (from $7 a month); Google doesn’t estimate for person detection.

Many video doorbells that work with Alexa can announce on connected Echo speakers when someone presses the doorbell, and Ring doorbells can pull up a live feed on an Echo Show or Fire TV. Some security cameras can also announce motion events.

But these new features add the ability to do all this for a person or package. It should be helpful for those times delivery drivers don’t ring the doorbell or if someone is sneaking around in your backyard.

You control the settings for the person and package announcements in the Alexa app, where you can also set up motion and doorbell press announcements.

You will need to have a person and/or package detection enabled on your compatible camera to turn the feature on. Next, go into the Alexa app and navigate the camera or doorbell settings. You’ll see a new section called Camera Events, where you can enable either or both options and customize the settings. You can also choose which Alexa devices make the announcements if you have more than one.