Alternative ways to use your sex doll

If your friends find out that you have bought a sex doll, there are 2 possible reactions. They might either call you a human failure or their curiosity might get the better of them. Although being called a human failure is probably no one’s goal for the day, the alternative is not that much better. The best defence is a good offence, and you might try explaining to them that they are the perverted ones, and your recent purchase had nothing to do with satisfying your urges. You could say that you bought it because…

They guard your house!

When you are out on vacations, their silhouette in the window may be the only thing that dissuades any potential robbers from choosing your home. Even if it doesn’t work, and they decide to enter your house anyway, they might get weirded out and unanimously decide that they don’t want to steal anything from a guy who owns a nice collection of silicone sex dolls. Win-win, if you ask me.

They can be used to create art!

Have you ever thought about doing art projects with real humans? It’s quite troublesome. There are some limits regarding what you can, and what you cannot do with real humans, they also get tired if they have to remain in uncomfortable positions for extended amounts of time. With sex dolls, there’s no such problem. You can create art without compromising anything, no matter how weird or sick your ideas are. And remember that being considered a weirdo is one of the steps necessary to become a renowned and respected artist.

They provide safety!

Have you ever been worried that on the way home from the club, you might get jumped? Well, I’m sure that carrying a well-kept sex doll on your arm would convince any potential attackers that this is the fight they might not win. It’s not that having a sex doll by your side is an ancient tradition of martial art experts. Instead, they might think that you are crazy enough to fight tooth and nail to achieve victory. Sometimes being perceived as crazy is a better deterrent than carrying a big gun.

They can be used to scare people!

Although sex dolls are not manufactured to evoke fear, with a little bit of imagination, you can create supreme Halloween decorations! In the past, it was difficult to mistake sex dolls for real women, but things have changed, and now you can order almost indistinguishable replicas of a real human body. You can use paint or pig blood to create ornaments that your friends will remember for a long time! Just try to monitor the situation. If your artistic skills are without a match, someone might want to call the police, and you might need to intervene.

They can be used to teach about sex education!

The problem with sex education classes is that although their content is often acceptable, teachers are unable to make their lessons enjoyable. As a result, the subject that is crucial for the proper development of young people becomes just another teacher’s monologue. If you had a similar experience in your school, a sex doll could teach you a thing or two. Maybe not teach you; instead, you’ll be able to experiment a bit and find the most suitable positions. Unfortunately, we aren’t born with extensive knowledge about what feels good for us and our partners. We can only gain expertise by practising, and a fair amount of stress will be eliminated if our sexual partner is unable to tell us that we suck. On the downside, a sex doll won’t be able to tell us that we are great at sucking either.

They save lives!

Do you enjoy physical activity? Running, swimming, and kayaking, the list goes on and on. The problem is, not everyone owns a kayak, but every… okay, some of us own sex dolls. Unfortunately, your silicon friends won’t float in the water, sorry, unless you have a blow-up doll. Instead, you could try perfecting your swimming skills by holding your doll and swimming at the same time. Why would you do that? Well, to learn how to save lives. The unfortunate reality is that a significant number of people who decide to help those who have problems in the water, drown with them as well. It is surprisingly harder to stay afloat while at the same time helping someone else, especially when the current is strong, and the other person is panicking. Practising with a doll could help us avoid making mistakes with tragic consequences.

Did it work?

There’s no way of knowing if any of those arguments would convince your friends. The fact that you have spent so much time thinking about why you should make this purchase could raise suspicions. Still, no matter their outward reaction, your long and fiery speech may have led them to reconsider their attitude toward sex dolls. With so many extraordinary reasons to buy them, is there anyone out there still just simply screwing their sex doll? No idea.

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