All You Need to Know About Vape Juice

Vape Juice

Vaping has been getting a lot of attention for a long time now. It is rather amazing how many people are currently into vaping. Vaping was introduced as a cigarette replacement. Cigarette smoking has led to many people losing their lives and getting adverse illnesses. In a way, vaping is considered to be effective in helping a lot of people quit cigarettes. The main idea behind vaping is to introduce nicotine into the body in a safer way compared to cigarettes. Because of the high demand for e-cigs, many established companies are getting into the vaping industry. You can now find different types of e-cigarettes and vape juice in most shops and also online.

The topic of vaping has been quite controversial because many are against it while others see it as a good replacement for cigarettes. It is understandable for parents to be concerned about the effects of vaping on their kids. This is because there have been reports that many kids are getting into vaping because of peer pressure and the different flavors of vape juice. Vaping should only be done by adults and may pose some negative effects on kids who are still developing. So, what is e-liquid all about?

What is Vape Juice?

Well, letís get into it. Vape juice has many names: some prefer calling it e-liquid while others prefer e-juice. This is the liquid product that is used by different types of vaporizers or e-cigs. There are many types of e-liquid that one can purchase. Vape juice comes in different flavors and also has different nicotine levels with some not having any nicotine in them. For those who are wondering what is contained in vape juice, below are the substances.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol, or PG, is one of the main substances that make up vape juice. The substance has no taste or color and is used in antifreeze, though itís just one small ingredient. The product is considered safe for topical use and can be ingested safely. Contrary to what some may believe, it does not cause harm to those who use it. Vape juice that contains PG produces less dense vapor compared to those that have VG. Though PG is safe to consume, a few people may have adverse side effects if they consume PG. Please seek a doctorís help if you have any allergic reaction to PG when vaping.

Vegetable Glycerin

Many people who vape prefer using e-liquids that contain vegetable glycerin (VG) because they produce dense vape clouds. It makes up to ninety percent of e-juice. It is a colorless liquid that is not toxic and is odorless. It is an alcohol and vegetable-based product.


Nicotine is the reason why many people are into vaping. It is a highly addictive substance that is also found in traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is not harmful, but the many toxic chemicals found in cigarettes is what makes smoking cigarettes dangerous. Water is used in decreasing the potency of the flavor in the juice.


Though vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, it is not entirely safe. More research is being done on the benefits and dangers of vaping.