All you need to know about no deposit online casinos

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Every day more and more people choose to sign up to an online casino, an easy and convenient way to have some fun and try to win some cash, all in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, with so many options on offer to new players online casinos need to work hard to stand out; to find a way to attract these people to their site over others. While a land-based casino can offer things like free food and drinks to players, online sites need to offer something more immediate and basically that means something for nothing.

No deposit offers

Freebies in all forms are always attractive, so plenty of online casinos exploit this fact by offering some kind of no deposit bonus deal to those who sign up with them. Heres how they work rather than having to register and then transfer some cash to their new account before playing, (or claiming bonuses like matched deposits, and free spins) players will find their new account already has some cash in it, leaving them free to start playing immediately.

It all sounds pretty straightforward, and a definite win-win situation, for players at least, but is there more to the no deposit bonuses offered by online casinos than may be immediately obvious?Keep reading as here we share all you need to know about no deposit online casinos.

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Who is the target audience for no deposit online casino offers?

As we mentioned earlier, the typical target market is potential new players. Online casino owners know that once signed up and playing on a site many players will remain loyal, and become lucrative long-time members. For the same reason many casinos will send no deposit offers to previous members who have been dormant for a while, as an incentive.

Types of no deposit bonuses offered

The two most popular are:

        A cash sum

These days the average is often round 5, although much higher numbers can be involved. Players can usually choose where to use the cash, which can be a good opportunity to try new games you may not want to spend your own cash on experimenting with.

        Free spins

Players may have free rein use on the slots they like the look of, or be restricted to particular games.

Things to watch out for when comparing no deposit offers

Time limits

Its common for these freebies to have a use it or lose it date, sometimes that is just a few days long, so plan to use the entire free deposit bonus within that time frame.

        Wagering requirements

Many online casinos impose rules intended to keep the bonus money in the system as long as possible. Its standard for the bonus cash amount, plus sometimes any winnings too, to be wagered 40x or 50x before being eligible for withdrawal.

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