All you need to know about Balloting of Capital Smart City

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Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City is a new Eco-friendly housing society using an exclusively designated interchange on motorway (m 2 ). A grand entry using 18-Lanes (400 Ft. wide) central boulevard only and only 5 to 7 minutes away from the New Islamabad airport terminal.

A capital smart city is Pakistan’s first smart city. It comes on the 23rd number on the list of smart cities in the world. Specifically, Capital smart city imagines being the very appealing real estate development project in the twin cities. It is a proud venture of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited (FDH), in cooperation with Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) and consultancy organization- Surbana Jurong (SJ).

Being a smart town, it uses complex Information and communication technology that farther contributes to improved efficacy and solutions. Also, it ensures the active involvement of the public. This mega residential society specifically tries to uplift the living standards while fostering economic growth within the area.

Additionally, Capital Smart City’s legal frame, Way of Manufacturing, and efficient business chances make it a center of attraction to investors. Once is completed, this residential society will certainly end up being among the key hubs for economical jobs in nearby areas also.

Currently, it is predicted to become the first business center in the city. The contemporary industrial centers in Capital smart city will make more than 90,000 job chances.

Most Importantly, it is also introducing innovative thoughts in the real estate industry to guarantee a sustainable future. Utilizing advanced technology together with unique infrastructure,” Capital smart city promises to provide a luxury nevertheless comfortable life style for its occupants. In Summary, it is Going for a grand victory.

NOC and Planning Permission:

NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad is already approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA and comes in the list of the legal housing schemes in the area.

There are many rumors which are spread in the real estate world regarding the Capital Smart City NOC status. But, it is confirmed that it is a completely legal housing society and its legal status on the official website of RDA in September 2019. You can find it listed on the 45th number on RDA Approved Housing Societies List. 

The first NOC and planning permission was granted to Capital Smart City society is presently under revision because of the request for further acquiring land in the society. However, it is anticipated to be decided soon.

A capital smart city is located at the prime location near the new Islamabad International Airport. The housing society is accessible fromM2 the motorway (Islamabad – Lahore motorway) in Capital Smart City. The location of a smart city has many benefits for locals and also for overseas people. Location features of society are

  1. 5 to 7 minutes’ drive from Islamabad International Airport
  2. Devoted M-2 Interchange
  3. Nearby housing societies are Blue World City,  Top city-1, Qurtaba city, Mumtaz city
  4. Easy access to the twin cities

First Balloting Capital Smart City

Balloting is one of the key processes of developing authority and trust of any housing society, it is the method by which people can get hold on their plots and can see the actual pin location of the plot in any housing society,

The 1st e-Balloting of Capital Smart City was for Overseas-I & Executive Block-I and was successfully conducted on Saturday, December 21, 2019, at the site of Capital Smart City – Overseas District-1. A computerized ballot will be used for the allotment of residential and commercial plots in the overseas and executive plots in the project.

At first due to some reasons, the first event of balloting of Capital Smart City

Islamabad has postponed for a month. The balloting was earlier planned to be happened in the 3rd week of November in the year, 2019. but due to the situation of “Political Unrest” in the Capital city Islamabad, the decision was made by the higher administration of Capital Smart City to delay the balloting occasion for another month.

The balloting was the event which is useful for both the investors and the clients who are eligible for the overseas and executive block of the housing society.

Following are the events which happen in the balloting ceremony:

  • Selection of plot location
  • Plot Map was published
  • e-Balloting Processing and Lunch
  • Details about possession and next balloting were announced
  • Allotment of plot number to relative people.
  • Visit of members, clients and interested people to the head office of Capital Smart City

Before the balloting, Authorities of the housing society had published the map for the selection of the plots by the entitled investors of CSC housing society. But keep in mind that selection choice is available only to the investors who have already reserved their plots and had paid half or full payment to the society.

The last date for the eligible investors to pick their desired and wanted plot numbers were till December 5th, 2019. After this date, the selection option of plots will not be open.

Ballot Details:

After the allotment of plots number is over, files that are left behind will be counted in the first ballot. It was a computerized ballot that allots numbers to remaining residential and commercial plots. It was held in the last week of December.

Sizes of plots which was included in the balloting were:

Residential plots

  • 5-marla plot
  • 7-marla plot
  • 10-marla plot
  • 12-marla plot
  • 1-Kanal plot
  • 2-Kanal plot

Commercial plots

  • 4-marla plot
  • 6-marla plot
  • 8-marla plot

Given bellow is attached the print of the Ballot Notice which was issued by the authorities of the housing society:


Capital Smart City Balloting Results

Results of balloting re declared now and are publically available on the official website from 25 December, 2019. You can check your ballot results statues online by providing the following details

Step no 1: enter your CNIC number without dashes. If you have a plot in overseas, then add your NICOP number without dashes.

Step no 2: enter your membership number. You have your membership number printed on your confirmation file of the plot.

Terms and conditions for the Capital Smart City plot ballot

Keeping the information shared above in mind, balloting of plots for the developing sectors of the Overseas and Executive Block will be held in the middle of November 2019. Here are some of the terms and conditions associated with the plot ballot of Capital Smart City:

  • Select your location of the plot on the society’s map
  • Eligibility for executive and overseas block ballot only
  • An acknowledgment receipt should generate
  • Payment of dues before balloting
  • Eligible for possession of plots in Capital Smart City
  • Avail discount on all development charges
  • Free of cost consultation
  • Selection of villa design of your own choice
  • Avail discount on club memberships
  • Go through warning for unpaid installments
  • Fines on all late installments

Let’s discuss these points in detail

Select Your plot’s location on the map

Selection of Plot allotment at Overseas and Executive Blocks was before the actual balloting. Clients who have already paid 100%, 50%, or even 40% payment of the plots in Capital Smart City were allowed to select the locality of their plot on the map of the society before a location ballot. But, the due payments must be paid by the 15th of October for availing this feature.

Eligibility for overseas and executive block ballot

People who have already paid almost 50 % of the installments by October 15th, 2019 were eligible for the balloting.  Preference was given to the people who have reserved their files before the 1st of January 2019.

Issuance of an acknowledgment receipt

There were only a limited number of seats for first balloting and applications were a lot in number. That’s why developers issued acknowledgment receipt for confirmation of eligibility for balloting.

 Last date for the payment of dues

The authorities have the right to reserves the right to alter the end date for payment of the installments due and they change the closing date of payments before 15th October. You should not wait for the last date to pay any dues and outstanding.

Possession of plots in Capital Smart City

Once the Plots are balloted, whoever has paid no less than 60 percent of their installments could have the right to apply to ownership of their plot. You may, nevertheless, be asked to submit an affidavit saying that all of the payments will be reached in time, together with post-dated cheques for all of the next installments. Failure in attempting to meet the end of this promise will give the authorities of Capital Smart City the privilege to change the place of this scheme in accordance with their liking and advantage.

Discount on development charges

As declared By FDHL, the initial 200 members of this venture are going to undoubtedly be provided with a 50% reduction on development charges, together with 25 percent of this reduction being awarded upfront at the start of the construction whereas a 25% reduction will be offered upon shifting into that constructed property.

Free of cost consultation and development of villa design

The authorities have further declared it is going to ease all parties who have to invest in society by offering them the ability to decide on a given architectural design for their villa. It was free from cost with assistance from DSA Architects– a locality business that’s headquarters in South Africa, the UAE, along with Portugal. Investors of Capital smart city have saved almost PKR two lakh with the supply of this construction and design facility.

Discount on club memberships

There is also further great news for several of the founding members/investors of this housing project, since they’ll soon be offered a unique discount to the membership and also centers of both Capital Golf & Country Club, this offer was also given to members of Royal Orchard Clubs at Sargodha, Sahiwal, and Multan.

Warning for Un-Paid Instalments

A warning note was issued at the notice. This notice also explains that all of the plot files which are in records and did not pay a minimum of 2 installments by the 15th of October could be obstructed and blocked according to the stipulations of the reservation. A refund will be issued to all of such parties over a couple of months.

Surcharge on late installments

At last, it was a very important term that people should aware of the surcharges and fines which is applied and being charged on every overdue and late payments and installments which are given in booking form

How to book a plot in Capital Smart City Islamabad?

If you need to book your residential or commercial plot or farmhouse in Capital Smart City Islamabad housing society, then please follow the procedure given below:

1.         Pay order of 20% down payment in favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

2.         Download, print, and fill out this Application Form

3.         Attach 3 passport size photographs of the applicant

4.         Attach CNIC/NICOP copy of applicant & next of kin (nominee)

5.         Submit your form, documents, and pay the order for us to confirm your booking.

6.         Your file will be ready within 30 days and dispatched to your address


Capital Smart City, the first smart city of Pakistan- authorities of the society always proven this statement and provided the best result. Similar is the case of the balloting ceremony it is informative and breathtaking. SkyMarketing as one of the best property selling company and their official partner had attended the event and find it amazing. Every person sitting them recommend to buy your own place in this society.