Junior Bridesmaids: How to Make Them Feel Special


Being a junior bridesmaid isnít an easy role. Itís an in-between title that can sometimes put you in an awkward position. But this doesnít mean that you ignore your young bridesmaid altogether. There are several things you can do to make them included and valued. Read on to learn more!

 Invite Appropriate Events

Social bridesmaid activities, such as lingerie shopping, happy hours, and bachelorette parties might not be appropriate for your younger pal. However, wedding dress shopping, as well as, brunch is perfectly fine for them. Allowing your junior one to attend such events will make them feel like part of the Ďolderí ladiesí gang. 

 Ask Them Out For Shopping

While it isnít realistic to invite your 10-year old niece to your bachelorette party, taking her out for shopping or a special cup of tea would be an incredible idea. Ask for her advice regarding the choice of some small accessories for your wedding. This will make her feel trusted and appreciated.

Personalize Their Gifts

If sheís a little younger, you may want to consider getting them a personalized gift.  Perhaps a small art print with an inspiring quote would absolutely make her day. And if she is at an age where the other bridesmaidís gifts would impress them, get them the same gift and then attach a meaningful quote.

This will really make them happy. Plus, bridesmaid gifts on starwalkkids will go a long way in improving their self-esteem. And when theyíre delighted, your wedding ceremony will also be full of fun and joy.

Acknowledge Their Abilities

Depending on their age and personal preferences, your junior bridesmaid will always have something to share in the wedding planning. For instance, she could have an angelic voice and a passion for performing. If thatís the case, let her sing a song at your reception. And if she has artistic talent in spades, request her to help with addressing the invitations or making the placed cards.

Allowing your junior bridesmaid to lend her talents to your wedding planning will make her feel indispensable. Just like youíre excited to celebrate your wedding day, theyíre also excited to partake in your journey. So, donít make them feel left out.

Donít Them Like Small Babies

Remember, your junior bridesmaid isnít a small baby. So, find a dress for her that bears a close resemblance to the bridal party dress. For instance, if the bridal party is wearing a strapless sheath, ask your tailor to add cap sleeves, as well as, a heightened neckline. You may also want to consider adjusting the hem to an appropriate, flattering length. And donít forget to throw in an elegant pair of kitten heels.

The Bottom-Line

Donít make your junior bridesmaid feel left out. Theyíre also very important. So, make them feel special. Treat them with love and appreciation. Give them a chance to participate in the wedding preparations and the ceremony as well. Wondering how to do this? Well, the above guide expounds on practical tips to help you make them feel indispensable.