Agency vs. In-House Marketing

Agency vs. In-House Marketing

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Should you choose an agency or in-house marketing team to handle your digital marketing? There is a lot to think about when you’re ready to make this decision. Every choice will have their pros and cons, and you might even land somewhere in between.

In-House Marketing Team


Brand Familiarity – An in-house marketing team is going to know your brand inside and out. After all, they work with it every single day. Good agencies will get to your know brand as well, but establishing this relationship can be challenging.

Accessibility – An in-house marketing team will likely take less time to contact since they’re right there. If everyone is in the office, you can get up and spontaneously converse at someone’s desk. With an agency, you will likely communicate over email or by phone, and there may be a delay in communication. The right agency will have ways to handle time differences and do their best to communicate, but remember the emphasis on “good agencies.”

Focus – Good agencies probably work with a lot of clients, so you might not get the same attention as you would with an in-house marketing team. However, some agencies treat their clients like they are the only client. Working with a lot of clients can prove to be a benefit.


Talent Management – Having an in-house marketing team means you have to find, hire, and train new team members. Additionally, the cost of your team can be a lot more expensive than partnering with an agency. The evolving digital marketing landscape requires a lot of different skill skets. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to hire one person to do everything. Each team member will need a salary, benefits, and technology to help them do their jobs.

Technology – Some free tools such as Google Analytics exist to help with your digital marketing. However, you’re going to need more data to make your decisions. Ahrefs and SEMrush are two of the many paid tools that can help fill in the data gaps, but they can add up. Agencies already have these tools, so you don’t have to come up with extra cash. Plus, gathering data from different tools can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Growth Potential – You can hire the best and brightest internal marketers, but everyone has their limits. There will be someone who specializes in content marketing, but they don’t have a ton of advanced technical knowledge. Therefore, you might find yourself relying on freelancers to supplement your team, which can often be expensive. If you want to grow your online efforts, you might be overloading your team. An agency has multiple people that can handle larger projects. Whereas, your in-house team can already be overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities.

Agency Marketing


Experience – As mentioned before, good agencies work with a lot of clients. Although you could argue this is a disadvantage, it makes them better at making decisions for your marketing strategy. Working with various clients and industries, your account manager has likely seen what works and what doesn’t work for your business. Good account managers will focus on continually staying up-to-date in their fields. Therefore, they can be confident in all of their strategic decisions.

Having a large team with different areas of expertise can significantly help your business. So, if you start with SEO and decide to add web design to your strategy, you can do that without spending months hiring or training people. If you’re worried about hiring an overworked agency with slow responses, read their reviews on social media and Google.

Tools – You need reliable tools to make informed decisions about your marketing. Agencies typically use these tools on a day-today basis. Therefore, you can avoid the added cost of buying these tools yourself. 

Cost – Hiring, training, and keeping an internal marketing team takes away time and money. The cost will vary depending on your business, but you could save thousands of dollars in the long run. A good marketing agency will help you determine your business needs and go from there.


Location – An agency is not an in-house marketing team. Therefore, they won’t be immediately available, and they can be far away if you partner with an agency that isn’t local.

Multiple Clients – The right agency will make you feel like you’re their only client. However, not every agency emphasizes maintaining client relationships. If you’re partnered with an agency that doesn’t have your best interests in mind, it could be time to find a new one.

Control – Agencies tend to work best with some level of autonomy. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a say in what happens, but you should trust your marketing agency to make informed decisions for you daily. You will be required to approve the strategy and some other campaign decisions, but your partnership with an agency gives them the freedom to make your business choices. If you want complete control over your daily marketing activities, you might find an in-house marketing team works better for you.

In Summary

Before you decide, do your research to see if you want an in-house agency or agency. A good option in the middle might be to have someone in-house experienced enough to some of the work and coordinate with an agency. If you decide to partner with an agency, contact the professionals at Get The Clicks. Our agency offers the full range of digital marketing services.

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