Advantages of Internet-based Fax Services: Extended Fax Capability

Internet-based Fax Services implement a superior fax solution. They enable clients to send and receive faxes over their existing email applications. Joined with a Xerox MFP, receivers can print, archive, email or search the electronic record using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Senders profit from the capability to send fax documents employing a standard PC application, instant confirmation, easier tracking and retrieving, and greater confidentiality in shared-use environments.

Swift: Send straight from the PC desktopFamiliar: Utilizes existing email applicationReliable: Enhanced confidentiality with the individual desktop interfacePractical: Send and accept multiple fax documents at the same timeAccomplished: Digital archiving, searching, updating, and distribution possibleProlific: No delayed faxing, delivery and receipt


Users are assigned a 10-digit phone number, and faxes are automatically rerouted to the userís email account. No dedicated fax line is needed. Existing fax numbers can be automatically sent to the new number, so company letterhead and business cards may remain unchanged. Faxes are sent through the userís email account by directly addressing the message to the fax number working as the recipient. A fax machine is not needed.


There are numerous vendors available to integrate with existing networks and workflows. But, thanks to a good number of players, the client comes out ahead. Essential services are open for free, while more advanced solutions are willing to plug into your business for a low monthly service charge (sometimes with a per-fax fee).

Advantages of Internet-based Fax Services†

Here are just a few goods and advantages of online fax services to get and send a fax from the web or mobile uses:

Saves lots of time and money: Using a cloud-based fax service means no more wasting paper and no more costs for maintaining your fax machine. In addition, you get to send and receive faxes literally from anywhere, and you no longer need to be in your office to be able to start faxing.

Keeps documents organized & always available: Using an online fax service with cloud storage, you get to easily store all your received and sent faxes in one place. In addition, you get to access the files whenever you want and wherever you are.

Enables to receive and send faxes from mobile devices: You get to use your mobile phone camera as a powerful scanner to convert your paper documents to digital documents and send a fax from phone ton the go.

Enables to sign documents electronically: The Electronic Signature feature available on online fax services allows you to quickly sign faxes from your mobile phone or a desktop browser and fax it back.

Super easy to set up and use:

Get access to the internet.Apply to a plan (few free programs).Connect an app or open a web page on a browser.Follow a few moves to complete the one-time setup.

Itís super comfortable and doesnít need to be a genius to figure out the whole process.

High-security protocols: Most online fax services use OpenSSL or related encryption systems to transfer your data securely. Since there is no real fax machine in the room, no unauthorized employee will accidentally access the received fax.

Permits to get a Local Fax Number: No matter where you are, you get to attach a local number to your plan and use it as your fax number to send and receive faxes.

Enables to search through faxes: Add a note to your faxes separately and find the faxes you are looking for through the search results.


Get furnished higher productivityómore economical cost. Improved workflow. Zero fax lines. Put Internet-based fax services to trade, and you may learn more time in your day.

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