Best Replacement to Adobe Flash Player for iPad | Play Flash Videos on iPad / iPhone

flash videos played on an iPad

Yes, we can replace the adobe flash player for iPad and iPhone. Apple iPad is one of the best tablet available presently in the market. There are lot of fans around the world who loves iPad and iPhone for its crystal clear screen, touch interface and awesome applications available in the Apple market. But as we all know, nothing is perfect, and the same applies to iPad and iPhone.

The one disadvantage of having Apple iPad is that we can’t play flash videos on it through Safari, Chrome or the Opera Mini browser. It happens sometimes that you come across a cool video while browsing Internet on your tab but can’t play because it doesn’t support Flash.

But don’t worry my friends, there is a way which allow you to access any Flash enabled sites to watch videos, animation and play games on your iPad.

We have these two great applications which allow us to have the replacements for Adobe Flash Player for iPad and iPhone.

1 . Peregrine DownloaderThis downloader not only downloads free music for iPad but can also act as a flash player for iPad. With number of formats and files it can download and play, this app is a hidden jewel for iPad and its absolutely free. Supported formats which can be played on iPad are avi, mkv, divx etc.

Here are the screenshots for flash videos played on an iPad

2. Puffin Web Browser FreeThis browser has something extra for every user of iPad and iPhones. With incredible loading speed, fastest javascript engine, Adobe flash support and a great virtual mouse this browser has rolled eyes ball from some big browser companies. The fact that it can play flash video is actually very smart, and you can have all the features of gmail on it and the chrome browser can’t.

Let us know how did these two applications worked for you, There are many more options which can help in playing flash videos on iPad, but those are not free. Though we will be writing a post about them as well. So hang around and subscribe our free email newsletter daily.