5 Accessories that Enhance Your Smartphone’s Capabilities

Smartphones are capable of doing amazing things these days and they have become the singular, all-purpose gadgets that have replaced more traditional devices than we can count. As if that was not enough, there are ways to improve your smartphone’s functionality even further with the help of a few innovative add-ons. In case you have not yet tried out any of the accessories mentioned below, it’s time to give them a try.

Telephoto Lens

If you are into birding or if you just like traveling and taking amazing photographs, you will appreciate this one. All you need is a smartphone with good imaging capabilities (such as the iPhone X, Galaxy S8 or the Pixel 2) and you are set. Depending on the particular lens you order, it can unleash the full potential of your smartphone’s impressive imaging capabilities by providing lossless zoom of up to 25X or even more in some cases.

Premium Earphone Tips

Granted that this one is more of an accessory for a smartphone accessory, but it improves your smartphone’s value as a music player tremendously. You would be surprised at how much better your favorite pair of RHA earbuds sound once you put the right ear tip on it. Each of the ear tips is appropriate for a different need so choose yours carefully with your priorities in mind. Sports tips grip to your ears better so that the earbuds don’t fall out while you are on a run, while noise cancellation ear tips will make sure nothing comes between you and your music.

Bluetooth Keyboard

These are not your average Bluetooth keyboards, but specially designed, ultra-portable keyboards that allow you to type that long email on the go, without having to carry a laptop around everywhere. While they won’t exactly be able to replace your laptop, high-quality portable Bluetooth keyboards definitely make smartphones and tablets a lot more productive.

Waterproof Case

Most manufacturers are now making phones that are water resistant, but none of them are really waterproof. A simple waterproof case will not only make sure that you can use your phone safely in the pool but it will enable you to capture stunning underwater photographs.

VR Headset

While OEMs like Samsung have really stepped up their VR game with dedicated headsets that offer enhanced capabilities and compatible games, even iPhones can make use of basic Cardboard VR technology. The bottom line is that you need to buy a VR headset to experience a whole new world (quite literally!) if you have a smartphone. Even if Virtual Reality has not managed to entice you so far, you should most definitely give it a try at least.

As time passes on, there is no doubt that other more impressive accessories will replace the gadgets on this list, but as of now, these are the six best types of smartphone add-ons which you can buy to take your smartphone to the next level. Additional mentions that were not included in the list are Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and game controllers among others.