Academic Teaching Doesnít Prepare Students for Life

Academic Teaching

Education plays an important role in a studentís life. According to many research writing services, itís not just the academic performances that matter, but the methods were taken in order to shape a studentís emotional and deepest thoughts.

We always consider the school with higher preferences like facilities and fees, but seldom get into the method of teaching. Check to find professional writers that help you with your paper now! It is not because of teachers or staffs involved in this spectrum, but it is due to the traditional method of teaching that has been going on from generations to generations.

This is something that has been implied upon us for centuries and hence is definitely not that easy to change.

Academic Teaching

Reasons Behind 

There are several reasons why we say the above; mainly because academics clearly depict only academics! It doesnít go through or focuses on a personís mental compliance. That is the least considered rule in the academics. Enlightening of certain sets of aspects is required in every curriculum. Taking into account this research, it leads us to go search for the truth regarding merits and demerits of academic teaching.  It is relevant that we consider this as a major study topic that would technically help us to conclude and come up with the perfect decision in the future.

Why shall we pursue Academics?

Being practiced from the very past, academic teaching has its own definite means of applications which could create a great impact on students who are going to shape the coming society. One of its most beneficial outcomes is that students can be trained to be quick learners. It makes students attentive with full concentration, which contributes to the quick learning process. There is a scheduled period of time for each session of classes that have been designed in accordance with the studentís concentrating capacity. Also, it tends to focus upon the flickering mindsets of the student, helping them to cope up with the schedule in terms of discipline. Itís not only reliable for the concentration, but also lunch and snack break in between sessions enhance brain compliance.

Looking further into it, classrooms are designated in such a way that is so student friendly, and teachers manage to keep up with the interactive sessions too where the students can express themselves in front of his/her classmates. The cultural meets and arts also contribute much to refreshment!

But, are these factors preparing students for real-life challenges?

There are certain drawbacks along with merits for academic teaching. One of them is that they donít allow the student to think and conclude on their own; he/she is mostly dependent upon his/her teachers. It doesnít contribute well to a childís life if he or she is forced to rely upon elders for all the matters. They make students feel suffocating under the sets of rules which deny even the basis of freedom.

Root of Incompetency

Sometimes students are punished for irrelevant reasons, and that could possibly affect a childís mental stability. Sometimes, over excitement to extracurricular activities results in less concentration in studies and poor academic performance. Due to lack of proper mentorship from teachers, many students get into negative friendships or relationships and thus starts acquiring bad habits making them vulnerable to social media. Spoon feeding is another relevant disadvantage of academic teaching. Students are getting help from the elders surrounding them with their little exploration and effort. This makes them incompetent and lazy in the future.

The Cost & Attention Factor

The cost of traditional education is so high that poor people canít afford to provide their children with the expected education. The aim of better education is to provide with endless knowledge, but most of the times, it is limited to teachers and the academic books. Understanding the message or meaning of content is the most important thing, and without attaining that, it is difficult to go on with education. Without knowing the goal of what we are doing, how could we possibly can attain success from it? Teachers canít focus on each student with varying learning capacity, and that makes it difficult to improve and train everyone in traditional education.

To conclude, comparing and contrasting various aspects of traditional education, it leads us to the point that disadvantages weigh and outstands more than the merits. Wholistic learning is the need for the day. If we donít train or pass our good values and qualities to the students now, it won’t lead to a better world in the future. I have conveyed much similar thoughts through my essay writing, on various channels, and I wish , we someday give equal value to music and dance in the same way we honor Maths and Science , as only then we would be able to cater the interest of a variety of students and help them to become what they best deserve.

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