A Virtual Tour of the Largest and Best Aquariums on Earth in 2020

Are you interested in different fish and marine species? Join us as we take a virtual tour of the largest and best aquariums that are on earth in 2020.

Man has always been fascinated by the ocean and what lies beneath. It wasn’t until recently that only the bravest fisherman could see what creatures call the ocean home.

When the world’s first aquarium opened in 1953, laypeople could view sea animals for the first time. Imagine coming face-to-face with creatures you never knew could exist.

Aquariums have come a long way from those humble beginnings. There are now over 200 aquaria across six continents, each unique in the marine species they house.

Keep reading to find our pick of the three best aquariums in the world.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one of the top aquariums in the world and the largest in the USA. It features over 10 million gallons of sea life from all over the world.

If you want to extend your experience, try their Sleepover Under the Sea. Snuggle into your sleeping back under the calming glow of the aquarium lights. Let the marine life lull you to sleep.

Take your visit to the next level with one of the animal encounter programs.

Pet and play with dolphins. Touch and get your photo taken with the penguins. Squeeze into a wetsuit and get up close and personal with a beluga whale.

No visit is complete without first walking through the underwater tunnel. Let yourself feel immersed in marine life as you walk through. See if you can spot the largest fish species – the whale shark.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is often thought to be the best aquarium in the world. With over 10.8 million visitors a year, it’s the tenth most popular theme park, too.

Chimelong is not only known for its marine life but the attached amenities, too. The aquarium is part of a series of hotels and theme parks.

Thrill-seekers will love the amusement rides scattered throughout the park. There are roller and water coasters to suit every adrenaline junkie’s need for speed.

Of course, the aquarium is where Chimelong shines.

There are eight themed areas within the aquarium, each representing a part of the ocean.

Amazing Amazon has a stunning freshwater aquarium. Dolphin Cove features exhibits for Chinese White and Spotted dolphins. Check out the polar bear and beluga habitats in the Polar Horizon area.

Don’t forget to watch the otter, dolphin, and sea lion shows. If you like Disney-esque pizazz, the Ocean Resistance evening show is not to be missed.

Not only is Chimelong the largest aquarium in the world, but it also holds several other world records. It has the world’s largest underwater viewing dome in the whale shark exhibit. The tank holds nearly 6 million gallons, making it the biggest aquarium tank in the world, too.

SEA Aquarium

The SEA Aquarium is one of the most famous aquariums in Singapore. They provide a home for over 100,000 marine animals and 800 different species.

Its centerpiece, a four-million-gallon open tank, is truly a sight to see.

Don’t miss their free shows happening throughout each day. Watch the divers feed the fish in the coral reef exhibit. If sharks are more your game, don’t miss the live feeding to see them all in action.

Suit up and head into the shark tank to see hammerheads, silvertips, and sandbars up close. Earn your SCUBA diving certificate with SEA’s diving program. Get up close and personal with marine animals during the Sea Trek adventure.

Take Your Pick of the Best Aquariums

There’s nothing as humbling and educational as learning about sea animals. Just because we can’t see them every day, doesn’t mean they’re not there. It’s crucial to their survival that we make strides in conservation efforts.

Stop at the world’s best aquariums on your next visit to Singapore, China, or Georgia. Learn about what the world is doing to protect our precious marine life. See if there’s something you can do to help.

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