A Primer to Effective Social Media Usage

Globally, more than 2.6 billion people are on social media. Whether for leisure or for business, the number keeps growing. The truth is being on a number of social media platforms doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using the platforms effectively. For whatever purpose, it’s advisable to leverage the potential of these networks the right way.

  • Separate Business And Personal Friends

It’s true that you can leverage specific social media platforms for different purposes. For instance, Facebook is ideal when you want to amplify your brand presence and your social status too. To make it work for you, there is a need to separate your business and personal accounts. Business owners fail to establish profiles that are exclusively for business. Your personal profile should be dedicated to your social activities. When your business page caters for customer needs and demands, it will pay off in the long run.

  • Don’t Delegate Social Media Responsibilities To Others

If you expect your social media marketing efforts to pay off, you need to integrate those efforts on a company/business wide basis. You staff needs to embrace the move regardless of rank. If you are the manager, stop thinking that executive level staff doesn’t need to know what social media entails. Remember, you can hire /outsource experts, but you still need to be in the loop with every move. Your outsourced team needs to work with you instead of handing over your social media campaign to others.

  • Make Social Media Campaigns Effective

Social medial is a marketing tool in itself. It helps your ranking, optimization efforts, and builds great customer-business relations. With social media marketing, the idea is to generate sales. As such, you need to make it effective by working with practical strategies that link up well with your business objectives. Together with these objectives and a well thought out campaign, your revenues should go up significantly. Since you can track metrics, consider using them to tweak and improve results.

  • Be Patient

In the endeavour to use social media for marketing purposes, many people are likely to run out of patience. From one end, you might feel that the social networks aren’t any good for your start-up. However, it could be that you are not adept and strategic when it comes to making Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter work for you.

Dropping your social media marketing efforts means you are losing out on business opportunities. It’s advisable that you learn how to integrate the right strategies into your marketing efforts. Also, you should fine tune your customer engagement tactics for improved awareness and returns.

  • Choose the Right Networks

With social media, the last thing you want to do is dedicate your resources on a platform that isn’t delivering results. If your efforts aren’t gaining traction on a given network, it’s time to switch. Remember, not every social media network or app is perfect for your niche or brand. It’s advisable to do market research and invest in a network that complements your goals and brand’s image.

  • Post Regularly And Consistently

Nothing can kill your social media branding efforts faster than intermittent posting. Keep your customers engagement with value packed content and solutions. Your customers will gladly move onto the next business, if they feel that you are too far when they need answers. However, don’t overwhelm your profile with posts or you might confuse your prospects. Importantly you can automate your posts to track my shares using proven publishing and analytic tools.

If your social media efforts are bearing fruits, it means you are leveraging the power of intelligent strategy. It’s important to note that social media isn’t a miracle cure to your marketing endeavour. You need to put in adequate time and resources. Also, remember to nurture existing customer relations while looking for ways to foster, capture and retain new prospects.

Today, social media is evolving faster than anticipated; the proliferation of networks and apps is continuous. To make the best out of such, you need to keep abreast with emerging trends and tactics. Relying on outdated trends could hurt your expectations. Also, learning from the top influencers in your niche goes a long way in boosting your competitive edge. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the need to be curios when a new social media trend shows up.


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