A Guidebook to Purchase Contact Lenses with Power

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a personal care item that has become more comfortable and convenient than ever. They offer freedom from wearing glasses all day while providing you with correct vision at the same time. As contact lenses with power are an excellent alternative for eyeglasses, it is crucial to know how to choose the best contacts.

There are various types of contact lenses with power, including soft lenses, disposable lenses, extended wear lenses, cosmetic coloured lenses and more. Read more to learn about contact lenses with power and how to choose the best contacts for your lifestyle and visual needs.

Types of Contact Lenses with Power

The first thing to start with when considering contact lenses with power is to find out which type of lens material will suit your needs.

Here are the types of contact lenses with power, based on the kind of material they are made of:

  • Soft lenses: They are made of gel-like, water-containing plastics known as hydrogels. These lenses are super thin and flexible and adapt to the front surface of your eyes.
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses: They are made of an advanced type of soft lens material that allows more oxygen to pass across the lens and reach the front surface of the eye. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are one of the most popular and preferred types of contact lenses with power.
  • Gas permeable lenses: Also known as GP or RGP lenses, these are rigid contact lenses that retain their shape on the eye, enabling them to correct vision problems such as astigmatism and other refractive issues.

Gas permeable contact lenses are usually smaller in diameter as compared to soft lenses. They are made of a highly oxygen-permeable material. It usually takes a while for your eyes to adjust to GP lenses when you first start wearing them. However, after the initial adaptation period, most people find GP lenses even more comfortable than soft lenses.

  • Hybrid contact lenses: They have a rigid gas permeable central zone, surrounded by a border of hydrogel or silicone hydrogel material. They are specially designed to offer you all-day comfort.
  • PMMA lenses: They are rigid contact lenses that look mostly like GP lenses but are made of a plastic material and are not oxygen permeable. PMMA lenses were commonly prescribed earlier but have now been replaced mainly by gas permeable lenses.

Contact Lenses Based on the Wearing Time

There are two types of contact lenses with power based on the recommended wearing time:

  • Daily wear contact lenses must be removed every night before going to sleep
  • Extended wear contact lenses are the ones that can be worn overnight (but for a limited number of days)

Which Contact Lenses are Right for You?

The various aspects to consider while buying contact lenses with power are as follows:

  • The contact lenses with power must address the problem that is prompting you to wear lenses in the first place. Ask yourself why you want to shift to contact lenses in the first place. They must provide good vision by correcting your problem.
  • The lenses must fit your eyes properly. Contact lenses are available in a variety of materials, and it may be difficult for you to choose from amongst them. Not every contact lens brand will have the size and type you need. Make sure to browse your options and get the most suitable one.
  • You may have a particular need that decides the choice of lens. For instance, your eye doctor might recommend a specific type of contact lens if your eyes tend to be dry.

It is advisable that you first consult your eye doctor to determine the best contact lens material and design for your specific needs. Also, choose a reliable brand like Titan Eyeplus to ensure that you get right quality contact lenses with power. They bring together the best brands in India like Bausch and Lomb, Acuvue, and Freshlook to help you choose the right option.

So, get the best contact lenses and follow the right practices for enjoying a good vision and a comfortable experience!