A Guide to Mass Texting Services

Mass Texting Services

The world of communication continues to make connecting something that more and more people can enjoy. Thanks to advancements in technology, the world is more connected than it ever has been. One of the ways that this can impact everything from marketing to team communication, is mass texting.

As technology progresses, itís becoming more and more challenging for businesses to stand out. Access that potential clients have to mammoth search engines like Google has allowed the modern consumer to have more information and options than ever before. While traditional forms of marketing are still effective, such as print, radio, and television ads and out-of-home marketing, there are new and exciting ways that businesses are getting peopleís attention.

The rise in popularity of social media created social influencers that can have a huge impact on specific demographics. Things like viral marketing have become popular and commonplace in recent years, and businesses have more tools than ever to connect with their customers. With the expansion of technology, however, comes the challenge of actually making an impact.

In a world of so many options, and so many competing voices, finding ways to meaningfully impact your customers and make a connection may be difficult, but it isnít impossible. Mass texting is a marketing tool that accomplishes exactly this. With a no-nonsense style approach to marketing that gives your current and potential clients direct information, this is a personal, convenient, and powerful way to make an impact.

If you have been wondering about what a mass texting service is, or how it could serve you and your company, here is everything you need to know.

How is a Mass Texting Service Different From Group Messaging?

If you are new to the concept of a mass texting service, then your first question is probably related to how this is different from group messaging. Most people are familiar with group texts, whether they are used in the workplace, among friends, or within their own family. Sometimes these threads can have double-digit amounts of people in them, and the messages can stack up quickly.

The major difference between mass texting and group messaging is visibility. In a group text, a group is formed by a single moderator, and then messages are shared openly between all recipients. If you live in a family that uses a text thread for general info, you know how chaotic these situations can become.

If you open your phone to a group message that has unread messages ranging in the double or triple digits, you know that you are too late to the game.

One of the weakest elements of a group message is that it takes constant surveillance by all participants in order to stay up to date. If someone falls behind in an active group message, it can be easy for them to be confused and for important information to be lost.

A mass texting service takes the concept of connecting one central message to a large volume of people but cuts out the chaos and the confusion. This happens, because a mass text can be sent individually to each recipient. That means that when a person who is on the list of a mass text gets a message, they only see their interactions with that message and not the group as a whole.

Who Should Use a Mass Texting Service?

A mass texting service can be used for a wide variety of situations from marketing to team communication. The benefit to using a mass texting service is in its flexibility.

Using a Mass Texting Service For Marketing

A business might use a mass texting service for marketing. This style of marketing has some serious advantages, as you can compose entire campaigns through mass text. This delivers important information directly to a customer in a personal way. By using keyword campaigns, you can also give the customer options to opt out of the mass text or request even more information.

Businesses can use this to alert customers of upcoming opportunities like sales, or even a new product launch. Most customers actually prefer this method of direct communication, because once they opt for allowing access to their phone, they see information that they genuinely care about.

Mass Texting for Group Communication

This service can also be utilized for non-marketing reasons. Having the ability to send out individualized messages to a large group, such as employees, or a volunteer body, has a lot of advantages. It gets important information directly to the person and allows for interaction without the accumulation of hundreds of messages in a crowded and confusing thread.


Mass texting services can be a valuable tool for any kind of organization looking to send out clear, direct communication to a wide array of people. Whether thatís using mass texting for your brandís next marketing campaign, or communicating to your loyal volunteer force, this is an effective tool to consider.