A Fantastic Diamond Jewelry Gift for the Winter Season

Diamond Jewelry Gift

When a diamond is created in a lab it undergoes a very specific process. For those who , they are wearing a piece of innovative science itself. Man-made diamonds are just as real as diamonds that grow raw and are harvested directly from the earth. The diamonds go through the exact same type of growing process.

The only difference between a lab grown diamond and a diamond that grows in the wild is that a lab grown diamond is developed and monitored until it is ready to be harvested from a controlled environment. Since scientists are now able to monitor diamonds closely as they grow within their labs, there is a lot less room for error. Diamonds that are grown outdoors have more of a possibility of incurring imperfections that can lower the value of a diamond before it has even been cut.

Lab created diamonds are ethically sourced and are more friendly on the environment, when compared to those diamonds that are harvested directly from the earth. When diamonds are harvested from mines what this does is cause more damage to the earth’s surface. Diamond mines can take on a wide range of space, which leads to man-made craters that damage the surface of the earth. Lab grown diamonds result in zero injuries to workers who create them. Diamonds that are harvested from the earth lead to injuries for workers who toil for long hours outdoors in semi-dangerous conditions. By investing in diamonds grown in a lab, the average consumer is helping the earth by reducing hundreds of thousands of pounds of mineral waste each year.

Since diamonds grown in a lab are so much easier for scientists to develop and harvest, this leads to diamonds that are lab grown to be more competitively priced for today’s huge jewelry marketplace. This lowered pricing makes gifting diamond jewelry to our loved ones much more affordable and no less meaningful. Since diamonds grown in labs are grown using the same process that raw diamonds from the earth are grown, there is no difference in their technical value as a valuable mineral. Diamonds grown this way make for fabulous holiday gifts in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Since they are grown in a controlled manner, the sizing of the cut and the manner in which the diamond is presented can make for a more perfect shape to fit into grommets on any type of piece of jewelry.

Most people will agree that the true value of a diamond is measured in its sentimental value. It is widely known that diamonds are treasured most by men and women alike for their symbolic value over their monetary value. Diamonds are actually a relatively new concept, when it comes to utilizing them in engagement rings. In fact, the use of diamonds as a wedding gift ranges only as far back as the 1940’s, when the first jewelry advertisement was released touting them as the perfect gift for those who were hoping to get engaged. Even though a diamond ring is a somewhat new concept, the idea of what they represent is not new at all.

Diamonds are a symbolic gift that speaks louder than words can easily describe. They are pure in appearance, clear, transparent, and can go with any type of outfit. As a gift for the holiday season, they can be given to anyone you know that you care for most. Diamond rings are mostly associated with engagements, but how about diamond earrings or bracelets? A diamond necklace can be gifted to one’s mother or grandmother. A diamond studded watch can be gifted to your father or grandfather for the holidays, as well. A diamond can add tremendous value to a gift, since it says to the one you are gifting to that you think highly of them. Sure, most people would be satisfied with receiving any type of gift that was picked up last second from the store. It is the thought that matters, after all. Still, going that extra mile to make a loved one smile is simply that little extra something that anyone can find true value in.

Image credit: Diamond Jewelry Gift via Steve Ikeguchi/shutterstock